Blorange is the new How Do Glasses Work?

laura prepon orange is the new black hotness

I binge watched Orange is the new Black this week. I won’t provide any spoilers, but I do have one thing to say. Is Laura Prepon’s character, Alex, supposed to be long sighted, or short sighted? Because she quite often pushes her glasses up into her hair when she’s talking to people, which implies that she is longsighted, and perhaps only needs her spectacles for up close viewing. But when her glasses are broken the fuzzy camera work tells us she cannot see at a distance. Which means she’s short sighted. But short sighted people don’t take their glasses off when they’re talking to people.

inexplicable hotness

What should happen when she pushes up her glasses is her eyes should go all squinty and she should look like a rat that just got a whiff of cheese. Instead, she just looks hotter. It’s not fair. I demand a reckoning. Or more Laura Prepon scenes. Because there really aren’t enough.

Oh, and I updated Lesbia…