Clitera City Trials PT 5: Poor Kira

Inside the little cottage Ayla and Atrocious shared, three cups of tea were being consumed. “The summoner is an addict and a criminal,” Ariadne explained, regarding her brew with suspicion. “There is a reason why we must always find the summoner before she has her twenty first birthday. Do you know how old this one is?”

“I do not.”

“Thirty one.” Ariadne said. “Practically ancient for a human.”

Wrinkled and bent, Atrocious muttered and made a very rude gesture.

Ayla folded her hands in her lap and regarded Ariadne with a solemn look. “I understand what you are saying,” she said, “but my loyalty is with Atrocious now. Our time together grows shorter by the day.”

“Take her with you,” Ariadne snapped. “This summoner is starting to come to the attention of other entities. If she should fall into the wrong hands, or go too far down the wrong path, the Blood Witch will be the least of anyone’s concerns.”

Ayla looked uncertain. It was Atrocious who decided the matter. She spoke in a frail voice, a whisper of conscience. “What if you had not found me?”

The lovers shared a long look, at the end of which Ayla sighed.

“Very well,” she said. “We will travel to Clitera City and find the summoner.” She cast a wry look at Atrocious. “It is a pity Kira is not here to collect her. She would have been very effective.”

Atrocious nodded solemnly. “Poor Kira.”

“Poor Kira,” Ayla agreed.

“Poor Kira,” Ariadne echoed with a brief roll of her immortal eyes. “Now please, go and collect this summoner before she destroys the world yet again.”

9 thoughts on “Clitera City Trials PT 5: Poor Kira

  1. DD

    :'( Poor Kira indeed.

    I know it was already clear that Ariadne doesn’t give a crap about anyone but I still wanted to punch her in the face when she rolled her godly eyes.

    Still, from a goddess’ perspective it makes sense I suppose…

    I love that it is Atrocious the one who decides.

    Oh and I laughed out loud at Reed being too old to easily steer towards the good and useful. And of course, Atrocious’ rude gesture to Ariadne’s insensitive (and ageist) comment.

    Thanks Loki. :)

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      I do not think Ariadne would take kindly to face punching. I think that would lead to immediate and unpleasant consequences ;) And thank you, I love your enthusiasm for this series!

  2. sparrow


    Reed is bent on having fun
    Thirty one is hardly done
    But Ari fears she’s out of hand
    And needs Ayla to take a stand

    Untutored for a decade past
    Ari has urged them to act fast
    The Summoner left unattended
    Could easily be apprehended

    In this sad state of disenchantment
    She’s prey to those with evil penchant
    Atrocious, in a soft, frail voice
    Speaks out to make the final choice

    Is it too late to right Reed’s course?
    They must direct her vital force
    Away from hands of villainy
    To fulfill her true destiny

  3. Ash

    Remind me… how old was Atrocious when she was found by Ayla? Did we ever find that out?

    And why poor Kira? Is she dead? Well… if Atrocious is super ancient now, then she probably is.

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      It’s never really stated, but Atrocious is around twenty years old at the beginning of the first Lesbia book. The other question is a verily good one, but not one I can answer at this point.

  4. Mil

    Ooh, I sense there could be a plan for Kira yet.. or not a plan. I can’t help but wonder if Ayla still spanks Atrocious.. being a little frail and all. No need to answer, I’m just thinking out loud, and enjoying the new book :).

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