Atrocious Lex PT 13: Wandering Hands

Experimentation with other site formats aside, this has been sitting in my drafts folder for far, far too long…

Having been put outside, Atrocious did the logical thing and made a cautious attempt at escape. Her enthusiasm at the prospect of getting free was tempered by a strong sense of skepticism. She doubted that Ayla would simply let her walk away, and it turned out that she was right. As soon as she reached the front gate, she felt a force pressing her back towards the house. She opened the gate and tried to walk out anyway, but the more she tried to leave, the more the force pushed back.

Making a muffled sound of frustration, Atrocious tried harder still. It was a mistake. The force, which had been a nebulous, wall type feeling suddenly became quite discrete. She felt as though she was being manhandled back to the cottage, carried by unseen hands. Fighting against them didn’t work, she tried struggling and was rewarded with a hard slap across her ass.

Spinning around, Atrocious slapped back at thin air and was pleased when she made contact with something solid and fleshy. There was a muffled sound of pain then she was taken hold of very firmly indeed, yanked forward and pressed against a chest that boasted the finest pair of invisible breasts she’d ever felt. A deep female voice rolled through her.”Stop fighting, disobedient little brat.”

“Let me go,” Atrocious whispered hoarsely, forcing her vocal cords to work against Ayla’s spell.

“Behave yourself.”

Atrocious could barely make it out, but she thought she saw the outline of a strong, muscular woman holding her. The image shimmered and faded, leaving her caught up in the invisible woman’s grasp. “Why can’t I see you?”

“Because you’re not meant to,” the voice informed her. “Now go and sit down before I use you.”

“Before you use me?”

“It’s been a long time since I had pretty pussy like you.” There was unbridled lechery in the voice. Atrocious pulled free and took a step back and took stock of her situation. She now found herself stuck between an amorous witch and a rough talking invisible genie of some kind.

“Are you working for Ayla?”

The voice rumbled with dark laughter. “No I trade with Ayla, but I see she’s busy now.”

“What do you trade in?”

The voice came from behind Atrocious this time and a hand snaked around to cup between her legs. “Flesh.”

Having spent an extended period of time with Ayla, Atrocious had pretty much hit her limit of tolerance for being groped. Without any regard for the consequences, she lashed out at the invisible woman, pushing her away. “Leave me alone,” she growled.

“Fiesty,” the voice noted. “But you better settle down. Ayla won’t mind me trying the merchandise.”

“I’m not merchandise.”

“Oh but you are.”

“Well if I was,” Atrocious said, growing deeply irritated, “I wouldn’t be for sale to invisible cowards.”

“Call me a coward?” The voice was in front of her now and Atrocious stumbled backwards as the woman came into view properly. She’d removed a ring from her finger and in doing so blinked into real existence. She was very broad and tall for a woman, almost as tall as Ayla. Her long black hair was plaited and wound around her head and she had a vicious scar running across the bridge of her nose amidst a sea of freckles. She was wearing high quality reinforced leather armour and she looked big, and mean and mad.

“Are you…” Atrocious shook her head, unable to believe what she was seeing. “Are you a…”

“Spit it out,” the warrior prompted.

“Are you a Valkyrie?”

The warrior burst out laughing and slapped her knee. “You’re priceless. I wish I was a Valkyrie. No, I’m just your regular mercenary.”

“Huh,” Atrocious said, squinting at the woman suspiciously. “Well look, I’m actually not for sale, so I’m going to get going.”

She tried to step around the woman, but the warrior blocked her path easily. “Ayla hasn’t done a very good job training you,” she frowned. “She usually does better.”

“Ayla hasn’t been training me,” Atrocious sighed. “I’m not for sale.”

“You sure match the description, cute ass, smart mouth, pretty eyes.”

“So what, you came here to buy a sex slave?” Atrocious’ lip curled in disgust.

“I came here to get someone to carry my gear and do as she’s told.”

“Well then lady, even if I was for sale, I wouldn’t be what you’re looking for.”

“You just need to be broken in properly.” The warrior leered. “I’d probably enjoy that. A couple cuts of the cane and you’d lose that smart mouth of yours.”

“Don’t bet on it,” Atrocious said. She’d had enough. Kidnapped by a witch and now maybe sold to someone who was going to cane her, that wasn’t her idea of fun. It was time to throw caution to the wind and make a break for it. She took to her heels and vaulted over the garden fence, high tailing it into the forest beyond as quick as she could. She expected to be followed but she couldn’t hear anything over the sound of her own pounding heart and when she stopped, the forest was silent. She leaned back against a tree, panting for breath.

“And I’m supposed to be the coward.” The warrior’s voice came mocking through the leaves. Atrocious looked around in terror, but she couldn’t see anyone.

“There’s no point running,” the voice said, chuckling. “Boy, I don’t know whether to kiss you or paddle you.”

Atrocious covered her bottom quickly, prompting another burst of laughter.

“Okay, okay,” the warrior said, becoming visible once more. “I’m Kira, what’s your name?”

“Atrocious,” Atrocious said.

Kira smiled. “That’s a good name for a girl like you. I’m sorry I scared you back there, I get carried away when I see a pretty brat.”

Atrocious was not convinced. “Look, I just want to go, okay? Please let me go.”

“No can do,” Kira shook her head. “These forests are dangerous and that bottom of yours is begging for a spanking.”

“No!” Atrocious wailed in dismay. “I don’t want a spanking. I’ve had a million of them and none of them do anything but piss me off.”

“Is that so,” Kira smiled indulgently. “I have to tell you, I’m starting to feel sorry for you.”

“You are?”

“Oh yeah,” Kira folded her arms over her chest. “You’ve gone and gotten yourself caught up in something well beyond your control.”

“Well will you help me get out, please?” Atrocious figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

“Here’s your problem,” Kira said. “You’re cute, you’re funny as hell and you’re worth at least a couple thousand gold. Why should I help you get away?” She took a step towards Atrocious, her eyes dark with lust. “Why shouldn’t I just take you for my own?”

7 thoughts on “Atrocious Lex PT 13: Wandering Hands

  1. Alyx

    The “What is Lesbia” paragraph is so funny…and so you. Glad to see you’re still putting in the odd story for us F/F fans, Loki. :)

    1. loki Post author

      Cheers, Alyx :)

      Odd stories for F/F fans are what life is all about, I say!

      :) Thanks for dropping by!

  2. disneydyke

    And we F/F fans are pretty loyal, aren’t we? Great story, loki! I always like when brats are appreciated by the tops. Valky has scored points calling Atrocious cute and funny.
    Also, I don’t know who I SHIP… Atrocious/Valky or Atrocious/Elfy… Or you know, both. But I’m very traditional. ehem.
    Oh, and no offense to valkyries or elfs… or tops. Really. :p

    1. loki Post author

      Incredibly loyal in fact, I’m quite surprised anyone bothers to show up at all these days with all my to-ing and fro-ing on things. Still, I am *very* glad they do. As for future romantic entanglements, well, we shall have to wait an see what happens when they get here, or rather, there. :)

  3. Kayla

    YAY! I feel like I have been waiting forever for this installment. It was worth the wait for sure. I do like this new twist. I’m still wondering if you have removed our lying soldier. I’m glad that Atrocious might be moving away from Ayla but it will be interesting what the asking price will be. No stealing, it ruins business ties.

    P.S. I like the lay out of your page.

    1. loki Post author

      Nobody has been removed, our off-screen players are still off-screen :) As for what happens next, well, I guess we will find out :)

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