Atrocious Lex Pt 11: Can’t Help Myself

I’m not sure what it is about this series, but every time I come to write a scene between these two characters it seems to quickly devolve into tawdry intercourse. I do beg your pardon for sullying your screen in such a fashion.

Atrocious was beginning to worry. As Ayla’s fingers wove through her hair, she was forced to face the fact that she had been kidnapped by the witch, who seemed to have no intention at all of letting her go.

“I do not care for the effects of this spell,” Atrocious complained. She was unable to express herself in her traditionally forthright manner for Ayla’s magic still prevented her from speaking with anything but the utmost propriety.

“Would you care for a hot bottom instead?” Ayla made the inquiry gently as she ran her fingers through Atrocious’ hair, scratching her scalp lightly as she went.

Atrocious trembled with the pleasure that accompanied Ayla’s touch. “I would not,” she said.

“Then you should be thankful for the magical means that keep you out of trouble,” Ayla chided her gently.

“I should not be in trouble,” Atrocious pointed out. “If anyone should be in trouble, it should be you.”

“And how do you come to that conclusion?”

“I come to that conclusion by recognizing that you are holding me against my will.”

Ayla chuckled, a light, incongruous sound. “What makes you think that your will matters?”

Atrocious replied boldly in an attempt to assert herself. “What makes you think that it doesn’t?”

“Because I can do with you as I wish,” Ayla said. “You are a young woman alone in the forest. Any number of fates could have befallen you. As it happened, I was the fate your footsteps chose for you.”

“So you admit then, that you are a predator, no better than a bandit or a rat,” Atrocious replied heatedly. The spell was making her work harder to express her disdain, but it was not impossible to do so.

“Careful,” Ayla warned. “I will not hesitate to warm your bottom if you insist on displays of temper.”

Atrocious scowled. She was not pleased at all. Far from being even slightly ashamed of what she was doing, Ayla was openly taking her like a slave. The witch’s sense of entitlement was out of control.

Ayla seemed to sense Atrocious’ growing discontent, for she interrupted Atrocious’ train of thought with a threat. “If I have to discipline you again, you will not be a happy girl.”

“Why is that?”

“Because next time I will use a slipper made of reeds. It stings and welts with every single blow,” Ayla turned Atrocious around on the stool and smiled as if she rather enjoyed the idea. “You will be a very tearful and sorry young woman.”

Dismay was quickly growing in Atrocious’ mind. Her captor was beautiful and sometimes benevolent, but there was a chilling undercurrent of sadism that she was beginning to fear.

“Aw,” Ayla said, gently brushing a light kiss over Atrocious’ lips. “Don’t pout. Your sweet little behind was made to be punished.”

“No it wasn’t!” Atrocious pulled away and rebelliously wiped her lips with the back of her sleeve.

“Of course it was,” Ayla leaned in closer, a ravenous look of arousal in her eye. “Have you seen your behind? You have plump round cheeks like sweet melons. Perfect for being swatted and spanked and punished.”

Against all logic and common sense, a tendril of arousal began unfurling in Atrocious’ lower belly. Seeing her reaction, Ayla reached out and caressed down Atrocious’s front until her fingertips were at the junction of her thighs. “You have a sweet pussy too,” Ayla continued, rubbing gently over Atrocious’ britches. “The only problem is your cheek and disobedience.” She stopped rubbing and patted Atrocious’ clothed pussy affectionately. “But I know how to deal with that sort of behavior, don’t I?” She winked rather rakishly and Atrocious emitted a small nervous giggle as she parted her legs, craving more of Ayla’s touch. The woman was powerful and strong and determined, all attractive qualities to the rebellious little wretch. It was hard to stay angry and indignant when all she really wanted was to be fucked again.

“I can make this little pussy feel good,” Ayla purred, slapping lightly through leather britches. “Or I can make your bottom sore. Which one do you prefer?”

“Feel good,” Atrocious muttered.

“I’m sorry?” Ayla removed her hand from between Atrocious’ legs and cupped her ear. “I didn’t quite hear that.”

“I want my pussy to feel good,” Atrocious admitted, blushing.

“I thought so,” Ayla smiled. “Why don’t you take off your britches and bend over the table for me.”

It was an order, but it was one Atrocious wanted to follow. That didn’t mean it was any easier to take down her pants in front of Ayla and bend over the table, presenting her bare bottom and pussy. She avoided eye contact with the witch, but she could feel Ayla’s eyes on her the entire time, watching as her lightly furred slit came into view. She quickly turned and pressed her cheek onto the cool wood of the table, telling herself that she was playing along in order to escape. Whilst Atrocious tried to rationalize her submission, Ayla was already patting her bare bottom and running her fingers down Atrocious’ wet slit

“You see, there are rewards for obeying me,” Ayla said, slipping her middle finger inside Atrocious up to the first knuckle. She placed her other hand on Atrocious’ lower back, pressing the young thief down into better position. “There are rewards for presenting your pussy for my use.”

Atrocious squirmed as Ayla gently pumped two fingers in and out of her tight slit. There was nothing romantic about the act, it was the simple stimulation of a dominant figure demonstrating dominion over a weaker one. She was sure she was being finger fucked by way of being taught a lesson. The feeling was confirmed when Ayla slid her fingers out and pressed them to Atrocious’ mouth. “Let me see you clean my fingers,” she prompted.

Atrocious found herself opening her mouth, feeling very captive indeed as Ayla’s fingers slid over her tongue. “Good girl” Ayla praised very warmly indeed. “Clean your juices off my fingers.”

Atrocious moaned, gyrating her hips as Ayla returned her fingers to Atrocious’ nether regions and teased and tormented the soft folds of her pussy. It was impossible to be rebellious when she was arching her hips up, silently begging for penetration.

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    Holy freakin’ foreplay, Batman!
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