Virgin City Reaches Top 50 In Amazon’s Lesbian Romance

Virgin City has broken through to the Amazon Top 50 for Lesbian Romance, which is super nice, so thanks to everybody who has supported the book and the series so far.

Lesbia is something of a labor of love for me, a project I’ve been working on for almost three years now. It’s not your typical fantasy story, or your typical lesbian story, or even your typical kink story for that matter. For me, it sits in the adventurous nexus of blade swinging, magic making, personal growth and kinky sex. This means it falls between a lot of stools, and often ends up rolling around on the tavern floor, swiping dropped coins and swearing at passers by.

Lesbia is not a tale for those seeking an ideal world. (Unless your ideal world consists of hard handed warriors spanking deserving bottoms, in which case, it totally is.) But it’s certainly not aspirational fiction. The heroines, even the popular ones, are far from perfect.

Reed, the central character in Virgin City, is probably one of my favorites so far. She’s a strong willed, independent woman who is managing as best she can in a world she doesn’t quite fit into the way others do. Yes, she can hit the reset button on creation, but that doesn’t mean she feels at home in it. Her path is not an easy one. Her powers are more of a curse than a blessing, even when she uses them for her own personal gain.

In addition to Reed’s internal struggles, she has to contend with the fact that everybody in Clitera City has their own agenda. Reed has found something of a home with the outcasts of Clitera, a group known derisively as the Ratlings, but among those grasping thieves she cannot be entirely at peace. To deal with the realities of life, Reed takes refuge in a herbal haze. It’s a temporary fix, but it offers some respite from the crushing grind.

When a beautiful half-elf witch named Ayla shows up and insists she is there to take care of Reed, it’s understandable that Reed is cynical. And when Reed loses her powers, she realizes just how small and vulnerable she really is in a world she can no longer command at will. The realization brings with it panic, rebellion, a full on flight from the very thing she’s always desired.

Reed’s not the only one running. There’s Rog, the idealist living in his dead brother’s shadow, Callista, a widow who craves the hard hand of someone who can put limits on her sexually aggressive behavior, and Crispin, a mischievous power hungry elf very far from home.

Clitera City is full of broken hearts and wounded souls. Ayla cannot save them all – but she might be able to save one.