Unleashed! A New Lesbian Love Story

I said I was writing new F/F stories. This is an excerpt from the beginning of Unleashed! a story which exists due to the inspiration provided by DD. Thank you, DD 🙂

Here’s an excerpt, for your eyes:

“I could eat her. I could eat her like a potato.”

Blue eyes were fixed on the yoga pant clad rear of a woman who was deep in the process of ordering a berry smoothie. No sugar. No fat. No carbs. No dairy. Just blended ice and a hint of something that should have been fruit, but wasn’t.

“What are you? I don’t…” Marilyn pushed her shades up to give her friend the benefit of a harsh scowl. “You need some carbs already.”

“No!” Tina shook her head. “Carbs are sugar. Sugar is bad for you. It’s a poison. It’s a stimulant. It’s an oxidant.”

“You know what causes oxidation? Oxygen. You gonna stop breathing?”

Tina held her breath for a good twenty seconds, went beet red, then let it all out in a stream. “I can’t maintain that lifestyle,” she said, panting for air. “It’s about lifestyle choices, you know? I’m going to style my life new.”

Marilyn nodded, less than impressed. Tina was caught in the grip of another one of her fads. Hopefully this time it wouldn’t involve shoving her piano around the apartment until she decided the Shui was Fenged to her satisfaction.

“I should go on a cleanse,” Tina said. “Maybe a juice fast. I hear they have super fast juice fasts now. You go in, get your juice and it only takes half an hour.”

“Isn’t that just… juice?”

“No!” Tina’s brow would have crumpled if it had been able to move independently of her skull. “You don’t understand these things, Marilyn.”

“I suppose I don’t,” Marilyn agreed, finishing her full-fat full-flavored milkshake. She tossed a stray fry to Pico. The long haired tan chihuaua growled at it, skipping in angry dog circles around the fallen snack.

15 thoughts on “Unleashed! A New Lesbian Love Story

  1. DD

    Thank you for writing this story. I am just stoked that I provided some inspiration and stoked that you are writing the Ultimate Lesbian Tale (ULT) and that you mention me. I just love it when you mention me. I just feel like an Ascended Fangirl.

    The story is looking really really good too. Hope that lady forgets about that fad before passing out too. Although it’s not really poassing out, it’s achieving a higher level of conscience or unconsciousness.

    Gotta go, I need my ice and berries myself. Then I will breathe in and out until I am one with the universe.

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      I can’t promise that Tina will get with the program before passing out. Maybe that will be part of her new chosen lifestyle. I don’t know. It’s hard to predict these things. Thanks for all your enthusiasm, DD 😀

    1. DD

      God no! I hope you can’t hear me in it mate. Hell will have frozen before I go on a juice fast. Although I am going to give a go to stop breathing for twenty seconds every couple of hours. I will report back telling you if my skin is any better for it. I am guessing it might go to a very healthy and lesbofeminist purple.

    2. Ther Renard Post author

      It’s gunna be fun, for definite sure. DD isn’t so much inspiration for the characters as for the idea. She wanted to explore some serious feminist issues, and I think you can see that’s already happening ;).

  2. TeriJane

    Yay! A new series, with the same-ish type of clever writing of wordy things…you feng our mind shui (sp?) with your awesomeness. Thank you for a mid-week treat! And new frunds, too! 😉

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      Oh there will be so many wordy things! The wordy things will be ubiquitous! This won’t be a series though. This is going to be a book in one form or another. A short novel likely, packed with new frunds 😀

      And of course, Lesbia continues on the weekends!

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      That’s a good question. No release date as yet, but I’ll keep y’all updated as events warrant 😉

  3. DD

    Our wonderful sparrow just sent me the following poem via e-mail. She actually sent it as a gift to me (I am spoiled that way) but it’s too good not to share with y’all:


    Don’t eat that! It’s not organic.
    Grown in stuff to make one panic.
    Poisons! Yucky pesticides
    Coat the surface of those chives.
    Don’t eat eggs that came to pass
    From hormone fattened chicken’s ass
    Run from additives with haste
    In fact, avoid all foods with taste
    Cleanse your cells and pores and tubes
    With juice fasts, high-colonic lubes.
    Don’t drink that milk! Gas it imparts.
    All pay the penance from your farts.
    Be oh so skinny, pale and pallid
    Eating edamame salad.
    Down with almond milk and soy
    For me, that lifestyle has no joy!

    1. Bahamagirl

      Ya know , I realizen more and more how deep sparrow really is . Jus so ya know I happen to be very lactose intolerant , so the almond soy is my friend to the end like chunky. Yea and DD , how come you gettin dese sly poems via e-mail man ! I jealous 😉

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