Top Thank Yous :D

MANY huge thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of The Warrior’s Heart 🙂

Lesbia is a niche within a niche within a corner within a niche, so it’s rarely a best seller, but it is exceptionally close to my heart and I appreciate everyone who supports my work by purchasing it.

Super thanks to those who not only bought the book, but left a review. Not everyone can, but I appreciate those who do. It makes a real difference to me, and I want those who take the time to do that to know that I’m really grateful – in a way that is actually difficult to express.

Though it might not seem like it, Lesbia is a team effort. For several years, across a wide range of life experiences and events, including multiple earthquakes and many other occurrences which I don’t tend to share, I’ve been telling the story of these charmed ladies. Lesbia is my longest work, the one which has parts of me and my life woven through it inextricably. But it doesn’t really come to life until a reader puts their eyes to the page and shares in the journeys of Ayla, Kira and the many other characters. There is magic in Lesbia, but it doesn’t exist without you.

Last year was a slow writing year for many reasons. Some of them were tragic, others were so funny I wish I could share them more widely. Some were both at the same time. This year will be different. (Insofar as I can control that.) I’ve decided to write the next installment of Lesbia offline for several reasons, because it’s something different, and because this next book is going to be, in some ways, the culmination of six years of writing. Ayla has always been the central character of the Lesbia stories, and yet she has also managed to keep herself on the periphery, putting those she cares for first. In the next book, there is nowhere for the witch to hide. It is her turn to become the vulnerable one…

If you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to sign up for the newsletter I mention in the blog post before this one. It’s going to be my way of keeping in closer touch with people who love these stories too.

And look at that, I have digressed myself. The future is yet to fut, but I am extremely grateful for everything and everyone who has made Lesbia what it was in the past and present.