There is no spoon…

Earlier this week, I mentioned forms. I mentioned the volume of forms. The importance of forms. The complexity and paper-delicate ecosystem that forms exist within.

What I did not mention – and I realize now that it was a grave error – was the submission of forms. You see, the submission of forms is almost as important as the existence of forms. Certainly, the gravity of the matter of the filling out of forms pales in comparison to the importance of filing them in the correct place.

That is why companies are insistent that forms are sent to a specific location. We were given very strict instructions as to which branch to send our forms to. It was iterated and reiterated that forms must go to this branch, else risk being lost forever in the formless void. As fate would have it, the branch in question, the branch our forms must go to, currently looks like this:

latimer square

Some might call this incompetence. I call it a lesson in the Zen of forms. You see, when the forms are existent, the branch itself becomes formless. It’s like in quantum physics, where the exact location of an electron cannot be known. Like the electron, the branch does exist, not in a precise place, but in a cloud state of possibility.

This was never about forms. It was about beauty and truth and the impermanence of permanence, and the mustn’tness of musts. I can only thank the company in question for being so benevolent and guiding us on a journey, not to nowhere, but to now-varna.

20 thoughts on “There is no spoon…

  1. espy80

    You sound remarkably zen about it all Loki… I’d be a tad irritated to discover all my carful work went to a building site / non existent locale! Kudos 🙂

    1. Loki Post author

      Not careful work – even more priceless than that – my carefully filled out forms! Fortunately, I suspected that the building might not exist anymore as half the buildings in this city are gone. My forms are safe and will be going to a location that actually exists, which, as locations go, is far superior to one that does not. 😀

  2. espy80

    Careful not carful. I now have an image of an over stuffed 3 wheeler like a reliant robin with six peoe and a large dog…

      1. espy80

        Excellent. Memories.

        Apparently my mums family of four kids, two adults and a dog routinely rode in one of these in the 60s. No Idea how.


        Besides how much $ could one wheel save?

        1. Loki Post author

          ‘Mum’. ‘Robin Reliant’. *lowers spectacles* dear Lord – we have a Britisher in our midst, don’t we!

          1. espy80

            Lol. Guilty. From the motherland but fresh off the boat as an expat a few years ago… Some habits die hard. I can’t call my mum, mom… Feels wrong!

  3. DD

    Deep stuff, deeply funny stuff, Loki stuff!

    You really do look at the bright side of life, don’t you? Or better yet, at the absurd side of life… And you laugh at it.

    Said laugh it’s music to my ears. Like the universe, vibrations and music. 😉

    Seriously… I will never tire of your wonderful sense of humor, Loki Renard.

    1. Loki Post author

      Glad to have entertained you with the absurdity :). I found it quite charming in its own way.

  4. Alyx

    Hah, that’s funny. You did a brilliant job of spouting half-serious rubbish laid over quite serious truths. But then you excel at that. I would say I should adopt such a Zen attitude over frustrations like that….except that I would fail. I’ll settle for looking for balance — for every frustration, there is an equal and opposite delight.

    1. Loki Post author

      Rubbish? Rubbish! I’ll have you know, this is the very latest in psuedo-inspirational-science. Careers have been made on less than this ;).

      (I see that you too, have been infected by Britisherisms. There’s a pill you can take for that.)

  5. Mil

    Very funny 😀 The comments are funny too. And congrats for something that sounds very grown up and serious. Hope you find something that resembles a spoon. A spork?

    1. espy80

      Sporks are excellent.
      Memory flash to last I saw one… On a very bumpy bus full of military people. The situation involved an avocado.

      1. Loki Post author

        Britisher + military people + spork + avocado. You’re MacGuyver’s mustacheless British cousin, aren’t you.

    2. Loki Post author

      Congratulations are wildly premature. At this stage of proceedings we’re just immersed in the procedure of it all. And very enjoyable it is too.

  6. Pixieplays

    Britisherisms? Lol.

    I do love your made-up words, perhaps we should petition for them to entered into the dictionary – British of course, not that colonial nonsense!

    1. Loki Post author

      All words are made up, Pixie ;). And I, for one, will not bow to the tyranny of the Empire which seeks to formalize language with its so called ‘dictionaries’ and ‘grammar’. The plossible is implonderable, Pixie. Time to take the dictionaries to the tower and toss them into the waters below! Avast!

      1. DD

        Oh Loki… You English speakers complain about nothing! Nothing! I wish we only had to subject to the tyranny of dictionaries over here. Dictionaries at the very least end up respecting common usages of words, new expressions…

        We have an institution (Real Academia de la lengua) to protect Spanish.

        I actually think it’s important to know how to speak/write properly but I also think having an institution of (mostly) grumpy old guys getting mad about the silliest things…

        Grrr, grammar nazis.

        I reckon you were right when you posted that video with Stephen Fry.

        But I insist… We spaniards have it rough(er). 😉

        1. DD

          Oi sorry about the rant. Also, The Real Academia is not so bad… I just don’t like a good handful of its members…

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