The Sapphic Kink Story Beginnethetheth…

Great news, everybody!

I’ve received the character sheets for the Sapphic Kink story, and wow, ten sign ups! That’s a lot more than I had expected, but it’s wonderful to see so many wanting to take part in this fictitional exploration.

(To be clear, when I say it’s beginning, I mean I just got the sheets and now I’m thinking and it will probably be a while until I get anything, but the process of beginning has begun.)

As part of the beginnering process I’ve been checking out the things people are into and not into. I note that lots of people aren’t into face slapping. I’ve never written a face slapping scene that I can remember, so it’s not likely to be a huge issue (all limits respected around here) but it did make me think about the topic of face slapping and then I thought hmmm…. maybe it could be sort of hot… maybe.

So here’s a poll…

Face-slapping can be hot...

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15 thoughts on “The Sapphic Kink Story Beginnethetheth…

  1. DD

    My objection is mostly that it is not my kink. I don’t think it’s necessarily harsher or more demeaning than spanking if someone is into that. But I couldn’t be into that because it “feels” harsher and more demeaning, so here’s my argument:

    Whatever floats my boat. Not saying it’s not hot.
    It doesn’t float my boat.
    It doesn’t float my boat because I think it unhot.
    Different boats can float.
    But my boat is the one that floats best.

    (Is this thingy what is called cognitive dissonance?)

    I am sort of kidding. Sort of. I voted: it could be depending on the context. But I guess I feel “no it cannot be”.

    That’s if we are talking about face-slapping. It’s different face tapping. So then maybe that’s: depending on the context?

      1. DD

        And of course, some might very well be into harsher and a bit demeaning.

        But I changed my mind again. I really don’t think it’s necessarily those things. Not anymore than spanking anyway. Anysort of hitting has the potential to be awful. It really depends on the context.

        1. DD

          Las thing, I promise…

          All hitting is awful unless one is into that. So face-slapping is not really any different than spanking. If one has spanking as a kink, spanking can be hot. If one has face-slapping as a kink, that can be hot.

          And kinks are just a very personal thing.

          1. Ther Renard Post author

            I think you pretty much nailed it.

            I also think that face slapping is wildly unpopular because it’s almost always presented in this ‘fuck you, bitch’ sort of porn/sadist context which I personally find really difficult to understand, let alone relate to. I wonder if out of that context, it would be a whole lot more different than any other kind of smacking.

  2. Peach

    Super excited about the beginnethe of the SK story! It’s gonna be awesome.
    I chose depends cause maybe for some people if it’s the right situation or context it could be hot for them. Not for me though. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      The non-face slapping sentiment is pretty much universal for the sapphic kinksters, for reasons I totally understand 🙂

      However, as with most things I’m not supposed to do, I’m now very curious about it. (Not to do to people who don’t want it, obviously, more as a wondering of whether it could be hot in the right sort of context.) And I kinda sorta think it might maybe be able to be…

      It is exciting to have a beginnerithing!

      Happy Thanksgiving to you! We don’t have it here, but I think it sounds like a good idea. Except if you’re a turkey.

      1. DD

        Not only did I find it hot, I found it sweet, quite tender. The top is also quite lenient in my opinion and I’m all for lenient. Also playful. It is quite playful, also all for playful.

        yay for playfulness and light-heartedness!

        This is my opinion of the thingy you wrote. So I voted right saying “depends on the context”. 🙂

  3. Ash

    Personally I think… Whatever floats your boat, but for me face slapping is out of the question. I don’t want anyone doing it to me and I don’t want to do it to others. Reading about it gives me no pleasure.

    I just feel strongly against it. However that doesn’t mean it is wrong. I’m sure there are those who are totally against spanking, and that is my kink.

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      These things are always intensely personal. For the purposes of the SK story, I will not be mentioning anything anyone has mentioned as a limit. The reason I asked for limits is because this story is for a very specific audience and reason. I want it to be enjoyed without reservation.

      In general, however, as an author, I don’t like to put anything off the table. It would very much limit creative expression. And I personally feel that a smack on the ass could be done in such a way as to be a thousand times worse than any slap to the face. I guess that’s why I feel a little odd about the whole seemingly arbitrary line about where people are and are not okay with being struck. To me, it’s the intent and method and the feeling behind a slap that matters a million times more than on which body part it happens to land.

      I think, in general, most people want to be treated with affection and tenderness even if they are being disciplined. (This does not apply to people heavily into emotional and physical masochism, but this community generally doesn’t skew heavily to that side of things anyway.)

      Sorry about the essay in response to your comment! Just happened to wake up. I am wordy in the morning.

      1. Ash

        It’s okay. I tend to like your long replies. You usually have something interesting to say, and I do agree with you about not wanting to be limited. As a writer one shouldn’t be limited by anything unless it’s for something special like this.

        Though I see what you mean, I think I should mention that when it comes to touching a person’s face… to me that is crossing my personal boundries. Very few get to do that, and only to be nice. It makes me feel very vulnerable. It’s okay if a person you like caresses your cheek or gets something out of my hair or something, but other than that I don’t want to see someone’s hand near my face. It’s a no no zone!

        I can’t really remember, but I think I have been slapped in the face as a joke during a play fight, and I suddenly felt this anger inside of me. It was all fun and games until the person slapped me in the face, then I got seriously pissed. I think I was shocked that anyone would do that even if you’re play fighting.

        I’ve been slapped on the butt many times as a joke, but that is totally different. I can’t really explaine the discomfort I feel about the idea of someone putting their hand up in my face to slap me, even if only lightly. It makes me very uneasy. I can’t speak for every person who doesn’t like face slapping, but for me it’s a big turn off, and it kinda ruins it for me, but it is what it is, and I can’t exspect a writer to feel like I do.

        As a reader you can’t complaine about what the author chooses to write about. It’s their work, and no one has the right to say it’s “wrong”. If you don’t like it, then it’s not for you, but it’s never wrong.

        1. Ther Renard Post author

          You make some really good points here, Ash. I know in some cultures, like the Maori culture, it’s very rude / forbidden to touch someone’s head full stop. Like you know how people pat shorter / younger people on the head? That’s considered very rude. In fact, the chief would not even scratch his face for similar reasons. In their culture, hairbrushes and hats should not be placed on tables or surfaces where food might be.

          I also can totally see how face-slapping would be a deal-breaker for some people. I think it is the same thing that makes it a deal-breaker for some that makes it hot for others. There is something sort of powerful about it, it’s hard to explain why, precisely, but there is. Maybe it’s just because the head is where all the important hardware is. Maybe something else, who knows.

          I can also understand the rush of anger you talked about. I personally get that from being hit (hard enough to feel pain, not a light tap) full stop – anywhere on my body. It’s a sort of primal ‘how fucking dare you’ response. (It makes being a spanko complicated 😉 )

  4. Jazz

    I’m not opposed to the concept of face slapping. I guess for me it depends on how it is done. I find degradation and humiliation very unappealing. I do not like to be disrespected and I find that most of the incidents of face slapping in kink stories and films are carried out in an uncaring manor accompanied by disrespectful language. That’s fine for people who are into that sort of thing but it’s not for me. I would be willing to try it with someone who able to treat me with respect while doing it. I guess the degree of force used would be important as well. I wouldn’t want marks left on my face for obvious reasons.

    The main apprehension I have about trying it is that a lot of the Tops who are into face slapping are also into humiliating people, Mistress/slave dynamics or other things I find particularly unappealling.

    You’re face slapping story was definitely hot.

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      I think that the point about humiliation and disrespect is valid. Personally, I’ve never found either of those things particularly arousing – though there are certainly a legion of people who do.

      And yes, I think there probably is a correlation between people who are face-slap happy and people who cater to the more physically and emotionally masochistic tendency. Sadism in general doesn’t seem to sit well with this community.

      Oh, and I’m glad you found the story hot 😉

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