The Professional

A fun lesbian erotic short I felt like sharing… enjoy 😉


“Yes.” Her voice is a purr, her eyes alight with intensity which overwhelms your senses and leaves you awestruck. She is smiling, and the word makes her teeth flash white just inches from your face. She is beautiful, she is powerful, and she is carrying a thick leather covered paddle with your name on it. Literally.

You could have avoided this moment. You could have made better choices. You could have cancelled this appointment. But you stepped into her domain with all the cocky arrogance of a submissive who is yet to submit.

She was waiting for you. Her curves described in leather, her dark hair loose about her shoulders, her makeup severe, crimson lips against alabaster skin. The previous meetings were nothing compared to this. Practically office work. A list of your likes, your dislikes, what you wanted to work on. She had her hair up then, thick glasses giving her an almost librarian aesthetic. You wondered once or twice if she would be capable of carrying out anything on that list.

“No.” You refuse again. It means nothing. No has lost its power. Your safeword is tucked away in your mind where you have no intention of accessing it.

Her hand twists in your hair, drawing you so close her lips almost brush yours.

“Yes,” she breathes as she uses her grip to press you slowly down, across the purpose built spanking bench, a piece of equipment exquisitely designed for a bottom such as yours to be displayed. It is built slightly on an incline, a padded bench covered in smooth vinyl, thicker at the end where your hips rise, buttocks bare and legs parting around the ‘V’ shaped base which makes closing them a practical impossibility.

You are on display now, your nudity a liability as she traces her fingernails lightly up the back of your left thigh, soft tingles zipping through your skin as they reach the curve of your buttock. She lays a light slap there and you feel the kiss of skin on skin.

The session is about to begin…