Mature Woman Seeks Spanking, PT 2: The Importance of Being Erin

This little story of lesbian domestic discipline continues from the first part, Mature Woman Seeks Spanking. If you have not read that part, you might want to. Unless your fetish is things without context. Mmm. Hot.

“Is that true? Are you looking online for someone to discipline you?”

“It’s not really your business if it is or isn’t,” Monica replied defensively.

“I disagree,” Erin said. She strolled into the lounge and sat down in the red armchair which dominated the room. “You know I care about you. And you know that advertising online for something like that is just asking for trouble.”

“Well maybe I want trouble.”

“I think you should spank her,” Leslie piped up. “I wouldn’t mind. Honestly, I wouldn’t.”

Erin didn’t respond to that comment right away. “You know you can come to me if you need something,” she told Monica. “We might not be together any more, but we’re still connected.”

Monica lowered her eyes and shifted, visibly uncomfortable with the conversation.

“I don’t want you to put yourself online for just anyone to come along and have their way with you.”

“Then maybe we shouldn’t have broken up,” Monica snapped.

Leslie made a little strangled sound. “It wasn’t like that,” she interjected. “You know you two wanted different things and…”

“Is this your way of getting back at me?” Erin’s eyes were cool, unimpressed.

“No, this is my way of finding someone who isn’t going to fuck my best friend the minute we break up.”

Leslie made another one of those squeaky noises.

“You broke up with me,” Erin reminded her calmly.

“That doesn’t matter.”

“I’m going to make some iced tea,” Leslie said. “Does anyone want iced tea? I like iced tea. I’m going to get some iced tea.” With that, she disappeared into the kitchen, leaving Monica and Erin to each other’s mercy.

Erin stretched out her legs while Monica hovered awkwardly near the couch.

“You had to know this would get back to me.”

“I thought Leslie might be able to keep her mouth shut for two seconds.”

“No you didn’t.” Erin focused her attention on Monica so intently Monica began to squirm where she stood. “What’s this really about?”

“I don’t want to talk about this with you,” Monica said. “You weren’t supposed to find out about it.”

“I think I was,” Erin replied. “You knew Leslie would tell me what you were up to. If you wanted this secret, you would have done it alone.”

“Leslie’s my friend.”

“She’s also my girlfriend. And she has a very big mouth.”

“Yes, well, not everything is about you, Erin. I’m doing this because it’s what I want to do, and I’m doing it with Leslie because I like to do things with Leslie, and I’m going to find someone right for me and you’re just going to have to deal with it. Everyone looks for partners online now. It’s not like when you were young and people had to send smoke signals from one village to another.”

“Cute,” Erin said dryly. “You know, if it’s a spanking you want, all you have to do is ask.”

“Never in a million years,” Monica said, shaking her head vehemently.

“Because you know if I do it, you’ll get what you deserve.”

“Because if you do it I won’t sit for a week.”

“That sounds about right.” Erin’s expression was controlled and contained, perfectly calm. It was that quality which had most driven Monica nuts when they were together. No matter how angry or upset Monica got, Erin had an almost superhuman ability to avoid being drawn into the turmoil.

“Just…” Monica put the ipad down carefully so as not to inadvertently throw it at anything or anyone. “… I can’t talk to you about this, okay? I’m trying to move on.”

“You’re trying to replace me, you mean.”

“God you’re arrogant!” Monica’s voice rose to a squeal.

“I’m not trying to be,” Erin said calmly. “I know how much that part of our relationship meant to you. It doesn’t have to end just because we’re not together any more.”

“Yes it does.”


Monica narrowed her eyes and spat the truth. “Because it makes me love you, you asshole.”