The Girl From A.S.S

I have a new spanking story available on Amazon! It’s called ‘Corporate Discipline’ and yes, it is M/F. I figure seeing as plenty of the visitors here are of the bispanksual persuasion it would not be entirely out of line to mention this latest effort of mine – even though it doesn’t contain any F/F spanking. It does, however, include office discipline, erotic interludes and puerile acronyms.

corporate discipline cover smallAll ladies need a good spanking.”

Ryan Rees is the third best broker at Associated Synergy Syndicates, a company listed on the NASDAQ as ASS. ASS is no typical brokerage. It is run by a singular man, Mr Charles Benedict, a man who puts his success in the corporate world down to employee discipline. This discipline takes many forms, but in the case of female associates is usually given in the form of spankings, typically delivered over the CEO’s knee.

Ryan doesn’t understand why Mr Benedict insists on spanking his employees and for the past three years she’s gone out of her way to avoid his disciplinary attentions – but her luck is about to run out.

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