PT 38: Rebellion

“NO!” You surprise yourself with the vehemence of your refusal, yelled at full volume. “This isn’t about me! You’re angry at Sarah, but you can’t do anything to her because she could kick your head off your shoulders. Go yell at her!”

You stuff the figurine into your pocket and stare at Terra defiantly. This is probably just as bad as bursting into tears would have been. This is insubordination. Never goes down well with military types.

You’re not at all surprised when Terra grabs you by the back of your collar, making a fist in your shirt, and starts smacking your ass hard. Fortunately, your active uniform is belted and there’s no way that’s coming down easily, so you have some protection even if it doesn’t feel like it. Terra is strong, and every slap lands hard enough to make you yelp.

Boris and Sarah are staring at the scene as Terra takes a knee on the ground and pulls you down over it, locking you in place over her thigh, your face full of grass as she spanks you long and hard until you start to wail, both from the pain of the spanking, and the frustrated embarrassment of having it happen publicly. Boris will never let you live this down.

“Don’t you dare talk back to me, cadet!” Terra lectures you. “And don’t you dare disobey my orders either!” Her palm sounds like a gunshot every time it lands on your ass. She’s not just spanking you, she’s shaming you and you hate every minute of it. You find yourself enduring the punishment, teeth gritted so you don’t cry out too much.

Terra finally releases you, your butt stinging like a hornet’s hive. When you stumble up from her knee, you notice Boris isn’t smirking for once. He looks kind of shocked. And Sarah, she looks… angry?

You retreat toward your squad mates, trying not to cry from embarrassment, and trying not to rub your bottom either.

“If any of you have contraband items, declare them now,” Terra says. She holds out her hand toward you. “And you, cadet, give me that.”

Do you hand the figurine to Terra?

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(I will combine the ‘no’s and hell no’s as one total, not to split the vote.)