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The Warrior Is Coming (More Erotic Lesbian Fantasy Spanking…)

Hark! The warrior is coming with leather and lash to punish all the naughty little peasants and slaves and evildoers who roam the land of Lesbia.


Kira stretched, her muscles aching in protest as her powerful limbs moved this way and that. She was tall and broad with the hard cheekbones and narrowed eyes of one who has seen too much bloodshed. Her dark hair was plaited in its customary style, wound and pinned about her head so as to keep it out of her eyes, face and weapons.

She was a handsome woman. The multitude of scars and scrapes on her body did not diminish her attractiveness in any way, instead they added to it, explained the hard look which was perpetually present in her dark eyes. Kira’s was a face of character and of beauty tempered like steel to something more than mere attractiveness.

Dressed in leather and toughened hide, she was well equipped with all the tools of her trade. Steel gleamed from a dozen sheaths, knives and swords festooning her broad and ample frame. She scratched her nose, making the muscles in her arm ripple as she watched the bushes down below move back and forth. Continue reading