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Consequences for Vix…

More, mes dames! More!

The walking eventually terminated in the stopping of walking, that was to say in making camp in a cave. There the seven women sat around a fire, chewing on dried beef in relative silence. Though many were friends in their own right they were not a natural group in their entirety. Kira and Ayla sat near one another with Aeron to Kira’s rear. Moon was sitting in Trebuchet’s lap while Vix leaned against the wall somewhat distant. Liz sat furthest away from the group toward the mouth of the cave, staring out at the stars.

“So this seems stupid,” Liz eventually announced. “You think a queen doesn’t know how to look in a cave?”

Nobody much responded but Vix nodded her agreement in the shadows. She had said as much herself, but Liz seemed to be able to say what she could not. Liz seemed to be able to do anything with impunity.