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Learning Lessons In Lesbia (Or, You Know, Not)

Things are getting more intriguified in Lesbia…

As the punishment continued, the unfortunate recipient became increasingly uncomfortable thanks to the switch and Kira’s strong right arm. Liz’s bottom was cherry red, twin cheeks bouncing back and forth as she bounced on her tip toes in a fruitless attempt at escape. The tip of the wood kissed the underside of her bottom as Kira angled her wrist so the implement rose from underneath to leave little welts where Liz would usually sit.

“Stop!” Liz squealed the word. “For the love of everything! Stop!”

Kira did not stop. She was clearly determined to teach a very overdue lesson and to be thorough about it. Unfortunately, Liz had no intention of learning any lessons. When whining, squirming and pleading failed, she reached the end of her tether and truly lost her temper.

Lesbia! More words at this link 😀