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Mature Woman Seeks Spanking

Sometimes I feel like something different. Do you feel like something different? This is a thing that is different, involving spanking mature women. Lesbian women, to be precise. (Which I feel fits with the theme of the site and is relevant to my interests… and probably yours too!)

“You’re not mature,” Leslie pointed out, having shoved three cheetos into her mouth. She jabbed at Monica’s ipad with a greasy finger where those four fateful words had been typed into the title bar of a personals wanted ad. “Besides, you should just let Erin spank you.”

“The day I let Erin spank me again is the day I kiss my ass goodbye,” Monica replied, swatting Leslie’s finger away. “Besides, I need to find someone new. Our circle is getting… a little too close for comfort.”

“You mean because you used to date Erin and then Hannah and me and now me and Erin are together and Hannah is with your other ex who must not be named?”

“That’s exactly what I mean,” Monica said. “I need someone from the outside. Someone professional. Someone I can pay to go away at the end of it.”

Leslie screwed up her round face. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. The after care is the best part.”
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Learning Lessons In Lesbia (Or, You Know, Not)

Things are getting more intriguified in Lesbia…

As the punishment continued, the unfortunate recipient became increasingly uncomfortable thanks to the switch and Kira’s strong right arm. Liz’s bottom was cherry red, twin cheeks bouncing back and forth as she bounced on her tip toes in a fruitless attempt at escape. The tip of the wood kissed the underside of her bottom as Kira angled her wrist so the implement rose from underneath to leave little welts where Liz would usually sit.

“Stop!” Liz squealed the word. “For the love of everything! Stop!”

Kira did not stop. She was clearly determined to teach a very overdue lesson and to be thorough about it. Unfortunately, Liz had no intention of learning any lessons. When whining, squirming and pleading failed, she reached the end of her tether and truly lost her temper.

Lesbia! More words at this link 😀

Caught In Kitties | B.R.A.T. Excerpt

Running to escape the slaps, Sakura hurtled into their quarters, her hands covering her backside. “I get to go out,” she crowed. “And you can’t stop me!” She jumped up on the bed, beaming broadly. “I get to go ouuuutt, and you can’t stooop me,” she sung, dancing back and forth, clothy kitty heads bouncing in time with her excited motion. Continue reading