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Tied Up In Trouble, Lesbian Bondage

All tied up is how we meet my latest heroine, a young lady of dubious moral inclination.

Before you read about Tiggy’s misadventures, I’d like to take a quick moment to say that How To Catch A Cowgirl has been doing awesomely, so thanks to everyone who picked up a copy!

And now, to the bondage…


Tiggy struggled against her bonds. She had been tied up before, of course, but never so tight as this. Never so tight that moving made subsequent movement more difficult and more painful. The blindfold wasn’t helping any either. She couldn’t see a damned thing. Just darkness, darkness and more darkness.

“People are so terribly bad at giving to pressure,” a refined voice drawled. It was feminine, husky, with just a note of gravel. It was an interesting voice, one which made Tiggy still her struggles for just a moment so that she might hear more of it.

“There you go,” the voice came again. “Staying still stops the pain. That’s all you have to do, just stay still.”

“Why am I here?” Tiggy asked the question to the darkness.

“You’ve been naughty.”
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