PT 8: A Gentle Spanking

You moan softly as Terra rubs your bottom. The mood is changing slowly. What started as a lecture and punishment now feels more intimate. You don’t know if it is supposed to, but it does.

“I’m surprised at you,” she says gently. “You’ve been a perfect cadet ever since you arrived. And in one day, you’ve acted out more than most do the entire time they’re here. Kicking your comrades, trying to evade the consequences, arriving late for a special session… What’s going on with you, cadet?”

Her hand moves hypnotically over your bottom, soothing you. You start to relax, which is the last thing you ever thought you could do while pressed over your instructor’s thighs, but the low calming tone of her voice and the slow, caressing motion of her palm are making it difficult to stay guarded.

“I don’t know,” you whimper softly. “It’s.. I’m failing. I’ve waited my whole life for this, and I’m going to fail.”

Her palm lifts from your bottom, then returns in a soft slap which just barely stings. “You’re not failing,” she says. “Most of your scores are very good. You’re having trouble in one or two areas, which is normal. This is a difficult program. We take only the best of the best and we train them to their highest capacities. You will fail things in this program, cadet. It’s designed that way. You can’t stop yourself from failing sometimes. But you can stop that failure from breaking you.”

She lifts her palm and spanks you several times, her palm going from one side of your bottom to the other, building a slow sting through your uniform. With each slap, you squirm against her grip, whimpering softly. It doesn’t really hurt all that much, but every slap is like a bolt through your soul, making you tremendously embarrassed about your behavior.


(No poll today 🙂 , your spanking continues tomorrow. At the time of writing, in the last poll the ‘moan’ option was winning over the sarcastic response, but not to worry, you’ll shoot your mouth off sooner or later 😉 )