Spanked By An Officer | Halo Tops A Bottom

This is the last of the WIP snippets from the new tale of Halo Ray, I’ll be ready to release the book very soon! In the meantime, please do enjoy this little excerpt from a punishment between Halo Ray and a very deserving subordinate.

“Come here.”

She stalls for a second. I take a leaf out of Sarge’s book and hook two fingers into her belt loops, hauling her into position pelvis first. I have my thigh held high and she tips right over it, her cute full-figured butt see-sawing into place. Right now she still has her regulation pants on. They’re not going to stay up, but I let her keep them for the moment.

“We both know what this is for, don’t we,” I say patting her bottom. “What you did was more than stupid, it was so dangerous it almost killed you.”

“I know, ma’am.”

She sounds contrite. The way she says ma’am with those lilting tones almost makes me want to go easy on her. Almost.

I slap her bottom, my palm bouncing off the ample round of her cheeks. She makes a little squeaking sound and stiffens. It doesn’t hurt, not yet. Her reaction is more out of anticipation than anything. She’s tense, expecting the worst probably. I haven’t given her any reason to hope for leniency.

My palm lands again, then again, slowly heating her backside through her pants. I’m taking my time, letting her position sink in along with the heat from my hand. I want her to remember this for a very, very long time.

Wrapping my arm around her waist, I pick up the speed and intensity of the swats. Going from cheek to cheek, I start off the way I mean to continue, firm and without giving any quarter. She starts to make little sounds of complaint, squeaking like a cat toy as her cheeks bounce in the tight skin of her pants and her hips begin to shuffle this way and that.

“You go by the book from here on out,” I say, addressing the back of her head. “You will tie your bootlaces according to regulations, you understand me?”

“Yes ma’am!” She’s very quick to agree now, but we’ll see how long that lasts when the sting wears off.

“If I catch you so much as breathing out of turn, I’m going to have your ass,” I continue, a growl in my voice as I slap her backside low and hard.

I’m not technically supposed to be enjoying this, but there’s a pleasure in slapping a shapely behind which I am not immune to. I love the little sounds she makes, the squeaks of complaint as I pick up the intensity, swatting her across the most padded part of her posterior.

It’s time for her pants to come down. This is the part I know she’ll remember the most, so I take it slowly, slipping them down over her white panty clad bottom and settling them beneath her cheeks. Nothing is exposed, nothing is untoward. I’m keeping this perfectly professional, but that doesn’t stop her from wriggling like a fish out of water as I run my finger under the waistband of her panties, pulling them tight across her bottom, and yes, across the neat pouch of her pussy too.