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ther renard

EDIT 8/11: Cheers and thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of MotoBrat, we’ve broken into the Top 100 Lesbian Fiction eBooks on Amazon!

Welcome to this shiny new covered kindle edition of MotoBrat, a first person tale of a rebellious biker brat and the dominant woman she manages to attract through a sustained campaign of very misguided brattery. The new edition is pretty much the same as the old edition with minor edits, so if you have the old edition, you’re still good. If you don’t have it, you might find that you want it.

This was written back in 2010, which is about a decade ago in writer years. As I was re-editing it, I found myself surprised by how emotionally raw this story is in parts, and how warm it is in others. It’s odd, of course, but all my stories inevitably are. If you’re hanging about these parts, I assume you can put up with a fair amount of oddity.

Also, as a side note, I was thinking I might take a break from Lesbia and write some all new, all original F/F stories. Lesbia wouldn’t go anywhere, it would still be there, all 120k-ish words of it, and I’d no doubt return to it at a later date. It just seems to me that there hasn’t been a whole lot of innovation happening around here lately. And we need innovation. It stops things from getting that musty smell.


I love the sound of boots on linoleum. In my time as the checkout girl at Barbara’s Duck n’ Dive, I’d heard plenty of them. As was my wont when I heard a particularly alluring pair, I turned from my task, which happened on this occasion to be restocking the cigarette cartons and looked first at the boots, then at the woman who wore them.

The boots were well tended thick matte leather with a short heel – boots you could ride all day and night in. As my eyes ran up the length of their owner, I saw that she was also well tended in leathers over pressed dark jeans. Under her leather riding jacket she wore a checkered shirt that hung open just enough to reveal a hint of cleavage. She was tall for a woman, with flaxen blonde hair that hung shaggily about her shoulders and a thousand mile stare that went right through me to the neatly lined up packets of cancer sticks behind.

“Can I help you, ma’am?” I smiled brightly, pushing my short dark hair out of my eyes.

“Pack of 20’s,” she stated in a slow drawl native to the southern states, not taking her eyes off the cigarettes for a moment as she tossed a twenty dollar note down on the counter.

I was mildly offended. Here I was, smiling obsequiously and waiting to serve her every whim, and she wasn’t even looking at me. I wasn’t a person to her. I was part of the scenery, a fleshy automaton and nothing more. I hated customers like that, people who seemed to think that I existed only to serve them, and that the slightest polite courtesy was too good for a mere minion like me.

Maybe it was because she was hopelessly addicted to the ‘baccy. Maybe she was preoccupied with something else. Maybe it was because she was probably an older professional woman with just enough time left to ride on the weekends and I was little more than a college drop out keeping a roof over her head and gas in her tank by slinging jerky and tobacco.

Whatever the reason, I decided that I was going to teach her a lesson she wouldn’t forget quickly.

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible, ma’am.”

Bam. The gaze was on me now. Seeing me for the first time. Her visage twisted in irritation. Yeah lady, that’s right. I exist. How you doin’?

“What do you mean?”

I kept my expression composed as I answered her, letting no sign of the deep mischief I was perpetrating show through in my face. “You’re supposed to be quitting, ain’t ya?” I wasn’t from the South, but I put a hefty dose of the accent in my reply.

Her expression of surprise was priceless. Her lips parted, but no words came out. I knew she was wondering how I could possibly know such a thing.


“You promised you’d quit.” I smiled seraphically as her confusion grew more intense. After a moment or two more of open mouthed staring, she grew resolute.

“Just give me the cigarettes, kid.”

If I had been temped to give her the cigarettes, her casual use of the diminutive ruined all chance of that.

“Not possible, I’m afraid, ma’am.” A madness had gripped me. I’d played games like these before, but I’d never gone so far as to actually deny a customer what they wanted. Barbara certainly wouldn’t be pleased if she caught me at this game.

Now the woman’s eyes were narrowed on me. She looked like the sort of lady who usually got what she wanted, whether it was a girl for the night, or a pack of cigarettes to take on a ride. Being denied what she wanted wouldn’t just displease her. It would confuse her.

After taking my measure for a few moments longer, she surprised me by relaxing and actually gracing me with a smile of genuine humor that made the fine lines at the corner of her eyes crinkle with warmth. She placed both her palms on the counter and leaned in towards me. “Alright kid, you got me. Good trick. Now hand ’em over.”

Biker chicks usually smelled like grease and sour sweat. This woman smelled of leather conditioner and vanilla, a surprisingly heady mix. I was tempted to do what she asked, really I was. But I was committed to a course of action now, and to sell her cigarettes would be to undermine my entire point.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, I don’t know what you mean by trick.”

“You want to keep playing this little head game, huh?” Her expression had darkened again, but not with the same blank annoyance as before. Now she looked very much like she’d enjoy the game as much as I did if we kept on playing.

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34 thoughts on “Shiny New Kindle Edition of MotoBrat

  1. DD

    I remember reading this story by parts, I also remember thinking it was too short. The first time I read it I was so in love with Daddy, last times I read it I was amazed by Pixel mostly. Still hot for the top though, but Pixel is something special.
    The cover is a thing of beauty. 🙂

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      Thanks, DD 🙂 It is an interesting read, I think. My only first person F/F so far. It was fun re-acquainting myself with it 🙂

  2. DD

    And you know I would like you to write all of the things there is to write, including appliances manuals, but I also understand you need your sleep so if Lesbia goes in a hiatus and you focus on other stories I won’t whine.
    Then again, I never whine. 😉
    Seriously, whatevs you do is fine fine bro!
    Always stoked,

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      Totally stoked that you won’t whine, DD. 😉 Thanks for your enthusiastic support!

  3. Ash

    Ther, is this the same that was available on Lulu? Or is it a newer version? I have read it several times, I really liked it. 😀

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      Hey Ash, as above: The new edition is pretty much the same as the old edition with minor edits, so if you have the old edition, you’re still good.

      The only reason to buy this edition is either a) you’re late to the party and missed this in among the older works, or b) you want it on your kindle.

      I’m really happy you enjoyed this story 🙂

  4. Alyx

    I remember reading that story too and was quite taken with the description of Daddy and her gorgeous bike. Not to mention all the sexy leather. There’s nothing like leather, for so many reasons! 😀

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      I agree, if caught in a pinch, a leather wearing top can always fashion fresh implements at a moment’s notice!

      1. Ash

        At first I was like… “what????” but then I kept reading, and I kinda liked that nick name for her. 🙂 It was a bit unusual at first, but then when I got to know the characters, I thought it was cute. Hee

        1. Ther Renard Post author

          Some female tops like to be called ‘Master’ or ‘Sir’, I don’t see it being a huge leap to being called ‘Daddy’ :).

          1. Ash

            Nope… I guess not. I just kinda made the parental connection at first… and then I was like… “well she’s not her dad.” lol
            That was kinda what made me go “whaaaat?”

          2. Ther Renard Post author

            Really? The phrase ‘who’s your daddy’ is ubiquitous in sexual parlance. In hispanic cultures it’s not uncommon for people to refer to partners as Papi. In fact, there was a character on the L word who was called that. Go back to the sixties and you have Boney M with ‘Daddy Cool’ – which wasn’t a song about someone’s father, plus the frequent use of Daddyo etc.

          3. Ash

            Well… I’ve heard about Papi from the L-Word, but I am not familiar with “Daddy Cool”, or with Hispanic culture. I guess that was why it seemed weird to me at first. I didn’t know those things.
            I mean… I obviously understood it wasn’t parental when reading Motobrat, but I didn’t quite get it at first. Ya learn something everyday. 🙂

            I’m not complaining or anything. I totally think it fits Quinn. 😀 It’s cute.

          4. Ther Renard Post author

            Oh no, it makes total sense that it would sound odd to you, being from a far-flung location 🙂 I’m sure it possibly raised other eyebrows as well, but yes, I think it does suit her too. It suits her style of topping, which is fairly authoritarian but affectionate at the same time.

        2. Mil

          Hey Ash, see if you can find the lesbian cult film ‘Go Fish’. That will explain the Daddy thing 🙂

          1. DD

            It will also explain why I can only discuss some shit while laying on my back and being filmed in black and white from the ceiling. 😉

  5. sparrow

    I have the old version on my Nook and now the new on my Kindle. SFPD Officer Quinn runs a close second to Lawyer Mackenzie in Little Miss and the Law for awesomeness. Smokin’ !

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      You probably missed it on account of I have a bunch of older stories from 3 – 4 years ago that sort of got lost in the move when I abandoned my old ebook retailer and went to Smashwords/Kindle. I hope you enjoy it! And thank you too, for the support 🙂

      1. Mil

        Oh I see. And you’re welcome 🙂 But dang all your smoking characters, Loki… I could murder a pack-a-twenties right now ;D

          1. DD


            You are a damn good role model Loki Renard! 😉

            Seriously, I’m so glad you don’t smoke.

            Mil Mate, when the urges hit try mock-smoking a pen or something.

            Antipodeans rule!

  6. Esspy

    Ah ….. This is one of my favorites too. It’s funny though, my sweetie likes the term daddy and I could never ever have imagined personally using it but in this context was the first time it softened enough for me to hold personal appeal *vbg* so I might mention that to her sometime and surprise her 🙂
    Comfort zones sometimes stretch and change shape.
    That said I love the story and as ever the vulnerability of pixel. Wandering off for a re read now.

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      Aw, that’s very sweet, Esspy! I hope you do use it and I hope she likes it 🙂 That’s pretty damn awesome right there.

      1. Esspy

        Grins. She is having a very bad week right now. I’m going to have to save it for a day when I can make her smile. Right now trying to be the comfort blanky. But still loved rereading the story.
        Back to work now. Whip cracks.

        1. Ther Renard Post author

          I am sorry she is having a bad week, but I am guessing that having such a caring comfort blanky helps a great deal 🙂

          1. Esspy

            Awwww thank you Ther 🙂 she is snoring gently in my ear right now… Blanky needs to be asleep too! Night night!

  7. Kellie

    Well I’m gonna whine a little bit since Lesbia updates were the highlight of my week but weighing that in one hand with new FF stories in the other? I’ll live, lol. I always thought, grateful as I’ve been for free stories, that you could make a killing by selling Lesbia as an e- book. However you do it I’m sure it will be excellent!

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      There will be a Lesbia ebook and a print book too, in fact I am just about to make an announcement on that score 🙂

      I am glad you enjoyed Lesbia, and it’s certainly not going anywhere. It’s just I need to take a little break to open a few windows, dust off a few surfaces and get some other stories out.

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