Sapphic Spanky Snippet

Okay, so there hasn’t been a whole lot of blogging and suchlike going on of late, but there has been writing. This is a little snippet of the action involving my latest romantic coupling of brat and disciplinarian. More on these two as events warrant. (Lesbia is also still a WIP. Sometimes these stories are naughty and have their own ideas about how they should come to light.)


Brown leather sung through the air, whipped around and landed with a loud crack against Anna’s bare thigh.

Half-dressed with her round panty-clad bottom all too vulnerable, Anna screeched in protest and reached for her leg, rubbing the bright red rectangular spot where the lash had landed. Her freckled nose crinkled in a sneer as she rounded on the tall woman with the broad shoulders and the good right hand. “What the hell was that for?”

“Your mouth,” Tamsan said coolly, her blue eyes set on Anna hard and stern. “You just keep running it.”

“Deal with it,” Anna snapped.

Well shaped lips twisted into a smirk. “I am.”

“Deal with it some way other than hitting.” Anna pulled her jeans up quickly, still feeling the burn sinking into the toned flesh of her thigh. “Jesus, what’s wrong with you?”

Putting one arm on her hip whilst keeping a firm hold of the lash with her other, Tamsan explained. “Nothing’s wrong with me. I just don’t take kindly to mouthy brats thinking they can say what they like without consequences. You’ve been picking at me all day, missy.”

The last part was true. Anna had been at Tamsan all day, but she hadn’t expected any real retaliation. Certainly not with her pants down.

“Is this how people deal with disagreements where you’re from?”

“If we were dealing with this the way people deal with it where I’m from, your little ass would be bright red and you’d be standing in the corner until I said otherwise.”

“Oh, so you come from the dark ages,” Anna snapped. “Need help finding your way back to your time machine?”

“You are such a smart ass,” Tamsan said, taking one slow step forward.

Anna held her ground. She wasn’t entirely sure what Tamsan was planning to do. All she knew was that she was caught in an intense gaze that made her stomach do flips. Funny how a few years age difference suddenly seemed like a chasm. Funny how she suddenly felt so small… so squirmy. Funny how her breath came short and the regions nearest the seams of her jeans tightened with anticipation as Tamsan closed the distance between them. She was beautiful, always beautiful, that tanned skin, those little crinkling smile lines around her eyes and mouth, the cheekbones, the dimple on her left cheek. She had one of those rare faces which only improved with being lived in, each little flaw highlighting the grace and beauty nature had endowed upon her.

“That mouth is going to get you into trouble,” Tamsan drawled.

Unsure of what to say, Anna resorted to sticking her tongue out. It was a gesture that aptly conveyed her defiance, whilst saving her the trouble of having to put an actual sentence together. It was also a mistake.

Tamsan’s fingers moved almost as quick as the fiery tail of her leather did. She caught the tip of Anna’s tongue between thumb and forefinger and held it firm, leaving Anna to flail inarticulately in her grasp. Brat in hand, she pulled gently until they were toe to toe and nose to nose…