PT 94: Sarah Gets Spanked?

Sarah’s embarrassment and nervousness is palpable.

Grisham remains firm. She doesn’t look impressed by Sarah’s behavior, but she’s not exactly going all, well, Grisham on her. You can’t help but think back to the first time you met Grisham, how determined she was to thrash you for your disobedience, and how she ended up warming your bottom thoroughly before putting you to bed.

Even now you know you’d be in a hell of a lot of trouble if you were doing what Sarah is doing, and Sarah doesn’t seem to be getting in any kind of trouble for it.

“Sarah,” Grisham repeats. “Come back over here.”

“I’m not going over there for anything,” Sarah says, shaking her head firmly.

“You want me to come over there and get you?”

“Do that and you’ll lose whatever bit of you I get to first,” Sarah threatens. It would be more credible a threat if her voice didn’t tremble as she made it.

“Settle down,” Terra interjects. She is standing off to the side, keeping a careful eye over proceedings. “Grisham didn’t hurt you terribly, did she? You’re not in an incredible amount of pain, are you?”

“Well, no,” Sarah admits, squirming from foot to foot. “That’s not the point. I’m a warrior. I don’t let people hit me if they don’t beat me first.”

“If I beat you first, there wouldn’t be much left to spank,” Grisham drawls. “Come over here, little girl.”

“Little girl!” Sarah gasps and blushes at the same time. “Stop calling me that! I’m not either of those things.”

“You’re acting like both,” Grisham says. “Cadet takes her discipline with less fuss than this.”

“She doesn’t have a choice! She’s helpless. I’m not. I’m strong.”

“So strong you’re terrified of a spanking?” There is a touch of a taunt about Grisham’s question.

You wonder if it will work, if Sarah will throw herself over Grisham’s lap just to prove she isn’t afraid. You doubt it, somehow.

“I’m not terrified,” Sarah argues. “I’m not afraid of you at all.”

Everybody knows that’s a lie. Sarah has been afraid of spankings the entire time you’ve known her, which isn’t that long, but long enough to know.

“Then come over here, brat, and put yourself back in position,” Grisham says patting her left thigh.


Sarah’s refusal is immediate and high pitched. This is a battle of wills, there’s no doubt about that. On one side there’s Sarah, feisty, aggressive and scared. And on the other, Grisham, firm, calm and looking just as determined to spank Sarah as Sarah is determined not to be spanked.

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