PT 92: A New Home

After being picked up by Terra and Sarah, you’ve all made your way to Forrester Forest Base where you’ve been assigned a small apartment. Forrester base isn’t as heavily fortified as the one you left, and escape, should any of your party choose to attempt it, would be as simple as wandering off into the trees. A chain link fence surrounds the fortress proper, but it is broken from age in several places and permeable to all manner of creatures.

“So I guess they just don’t care about security here,” you note as Terra leads you through the tree lined paths which make the base feel more like holiday camp than a military installation.

“This is more an outpost than a base, and it is in the middle of controlled territory. The odds of any enemies striking here are vanishingly low,” Terra explains as she leads you into the apartment, a low slung little cabin with rustic appeal.

You all go in and you note immediately that there is a single living space off which two main bedrooms are located. One is quite large and bright with two twin beds in it, the other is smaller and contains two singles.

“We’re taking the big room,” Sarah sneers. “You and Grisham can share the little one.”

“Grisham and I will have the larger room,” Terra corrects her. “You and Cadet will take the smaller.”

You’re not sure if she’s chosen the room assignments as a matter of simple rank, if she’s trying to take Sarah down a peg – or if she’s trying to keep you and Grisham separate. It was pretty obvious back in your forest cave that Terra had some kind of problem with what you and Grisham have been up to.

You glance at Grisham, and you’re somewhat heartened to see what looks like a faint expression of disappointment on her face. She doesn’t say anything though, deferring to Terra’s orders like the good soldier she is.

“Why do I have to bunk with Cadet?” Sarah complains. “Can’t Grisham just keep her under the bed or something? It’s bad enough we have to cart around her little fuck-doll finger puppet as it is.”

Your eyes narrow and your temper flares. You suspect Sarah doesn’t really have a problem with you. After all, she’s nice enough when you’re alone, and she did come and break you out of the last base and tell you what was actually going on. You get the feeling that she’s just trying to be controversial and push Terra’s boundaries. But you’re getting pretty sick of her picking on you to do it. It’s time to say something.

What do you say?

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