Pixie’s New Story Blog

So these don’t get lost in the comments, this is how you get to Pixie’s new story blog (and find her old stories too).

Hals stories are archived here

Pixie writes here

(I should warn you all at this point, if you are using wordpress or blogger blogs, make sure ALL posts are backed up. Both sites have family friendly policies and you could easily wake up one day to find your blog gone.)

4 thoughts on “Pixie’s New Story Blog

  1. Pixieplays

    Thanks for the mention Loki!

    I just have to figure how to back up now!

    Thank you BG and Espy 🙂

  2. Alyx

    Thanks, Loki. Despite what Pixie/Hal said about not writing anymore, I always had my fingers crossed. So glad it worked. 🙂 There are lots of new blogs around….planning to add a page just for that soon.

    That’s good advice about Blogger and WordPress. I have all my stories/web pages backed up, but not the millions of interesting posts that people leave. Not sure if there’s a way to save those, but I shall investigate.

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