Halo Ray Returns… Spankings In Space

Remember Halo Ray? No? She’s a middle-ranked officer on board a coalition space ship crewed by brats. She’s been updating her diary of late. Here’s a little of what she’s been getting up to.



Jimson Wraith is looking at me. How fucking long has she been standing at the door? Jimson has golden eyes and pale skin which looks slightly green under the ship’s lights – and every other light. She’s green. You’re not supposed to say it, but she is. Alien DNA got mixed into hers somewhere along the line and now she glows in the dark.


“They want you on deck two.”

“Who does?”

“Commander Sloth.”


“Don’t ask questions, just do as you’re told.”

And that’s why Jimson Wraith is one of my least favorite people. She’s good at following orders, but that’s about it. If she had to make a decision on her own her brain would probably melt. Continue reading

Sapphic Sims, Ayla and Kira Get Simulated

sim lesbians

I made Lesbia’s Kira and Ayla in the new Sims game, Sims 4. They actually turned out pretty awesome! (You just have to ignore the fact that they’re standing in a modern town, funnily enough the game didn’t ship with a lesbian fantasy realm!)

The expressions are just so great in this game, I especially love the dour look Ayla gives Kira and the thoroughly unrepentant looks Kira gives right back.

Check out the latest in Lesbia here 😀

sim ayla's dirty look

kira's look right back

Lesbia, The Graphic Experience

It’s important to bring newitude and betterness to everything one does, that’s what I always say. That’s why there’s a new Lesbia project I’m working on with two very talented artists. Lesbia has always lived in text, now its going to live in pictures!

My current plan is for this project to be set directly after the events at the end of Over Witch’s Knee. Whilst the others go off to live happily ever after, Kira throws herself into her twilight years as a warrior. Her ageing body, a concern in Over Witch’s Knee, is now a serious liability. With every passing day, she grows a little weaker, a little less capable. In the panels below, Kira has lost what seems to be her final battle. Cold, bloody and alone, she awaits her death – but a certain someone isn’t going to let that happen without a little divine interference.


Lesbia Happy Place

Hey everyone, just a quick note regarding Lesbia. I really like hearing from readers when they are so inspired to contact me, but for the moment there are a *lot* of fires in Loki-land that need putting out (seriously, a ridiculously high amount, Lemony Snickett would be proud to list them.) So please forgive me if I am not able to respond to your email in a timely fashion.

Though, like life, the tales of Lesbia have their ups and downs, Lesbia is my happy place, it’s something I write to relax – and I hope that it serves that purpose for you as well.

To keep up to date, please do add your email to the subscription box on the main Lesbia page. (The one under the title ‘Subscribe for Lesbia Updates.’) Sappho’s Brats (the website you’re on now) will not always have a post when there are new updates. But if you subscribe to Lesbia itself, or bookmark that page http://sapphosbrats.com/lesbia/ you should always be in the Lesbia loop.

Someone’s getting spanked…

“Are you going to tell me what is happening?” Ayla asked the question with a calm intensity as she ushered Vix into her cottage.

“Nothing is happening,” Vix said. “We are waiting for you to be ready to travel.”

Ayla’s lips thinned. “Do not play verbal games with me. You know perfectly well what I am asking. I know there is something amiss.”

“She doesn’t know what’s going on!” The traveler exclaimed, appearing all of a sudden from under the table. She proceeded to dance all about Ayla, kicking her legs out at the knee in a stiff-legged jig. “She doesn’t know nothing at all!”

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Pants, Plants and Potions! More Lesbia Awaits.

“We have the witch on our side.” Moon sat in bed next to Vix and elbowed her friend. Ayla’s packing was taking an inordinate amount of time. Indeed, according to the witch, she would not be done packing for a full three days. Vix had recieved the news gratefully. It meant that she might have three days without danger or conflict. Three days respite from the war which raged hither and thither throughout Lesbia.

She nodded in acknowledgement of Moon’s words. They did have the witch. Ayla was not what or who she had expected. A twisted angry crone, Ayla was not. The woman was beautiful, sensual, mature… and a dozen more adjectives all of which served to tantalize and excite.


Bumbelina Thundersnatch, Something About Lesbia

“Something much bigger,” Moondust giggled under her breath, hiding her smile but not much else of her anatomy. She was blessed with a beauteous body, well kept by the frequent ingestion of herbs to the exclusion of most anything else. Though Ayla maintained a respectful demeanor, it was impossible not to notice the curve of her breasts, the smooth line of her stomach, the way her abdominal muscle narrowed as it made its way down toward the short scrap of fabric which preserved the vestiges of her modesty.

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Moonstorm Sunhat… Or Something

We return to Lesbia, where Ayla is meeting her mysterious guests…

Kira made her apologies and took her leave quite quickly. Time was of the essence. War was at hand. There were things to do. Judging by the speed at which she mounted her waiting steed and rode away, the first of those things was to get as far away from the two she had left at Ayla’s cottage as possible.


New Lesbia Series

I decided that I missed writing Lesbia, so I have started writing a new online series featuring our favorite forest witch Ayla in a series of compromising positions. Or at least one compromising positioning. And a whole bunch of misappropriated suffixes and pluralities. Lost for a title, I have working titled it “Lesbia Three, The Lesbianning.” I think that gets the point across. Subtle, but tasteful. Just how we like it.

So yes, go read the thing!


Heat from flames made ends of golden hair streaked with lighter strands of gray turn up into tight little fizzing coils. The forest witch sat before the hearth as she had so very many times before and dropped chopped herbs into a potionous blend which bubbled and churned with pleasing vigor. The witch’s robes were in a similarly relaxed state to that of her hair, parting almost to the navel and revealing ample bosom as they did. The witch had lived more years than any other in Lesbia, but one would not have known it to look at her. She was as seductive as she was kind, and as dangerous to those who might cross her as she was skilled in the arts of magic.

A heavy handed knock at the door heralded the arrival of an old friend. A friend so old that once she had knocked, she wasted no time in coming in. The door creaked open, and the many hundreds of days which had passed between that moment and their last meeting seemed to fade in an instant.

“Ayla,” Kira said, stepping sideways through the door which was far too narrow to allow her armored shoulders to pass through squarely. “It is I.”

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