Consequences for Vix…

More, mes dames! More!

The walking eventually terminated in the stopping of walking, that was to say in making camp in a cave. There the seven women sat around a fire, chewing on dried beef in relative silence. Though many were friends in their own right they were not a natural group in their entirety. Kira and Ayla sat near one another with Aeron to Kira’s rear. Moon was sitting in Trebuchet’s lap while Vix leaned against the wall somewhat distant. Liz sat furthest away from the group toward the mouth of the cave, staring out at the stars.

“So this seems stupid,” Liz eventually announced. “You think a queen doesn’t know how to look in a cave?”

Nobody much responded but Vix nodded her agreement in the shadows. She had said as much herself, but Liz seemed to be able to say what she could not. Liz seemed to be able to do anything with impunity.


Best Poll Great Success!

Our last poll proved that you can have opinions absent of meaning, which is probably some sort of insight into the human condition, but I prefer to think of it as Sprenglefurf Nikergud. And now for something with some connection to the semi-real world. Vote on your favorite NEW lesbia character in the NEW lesbia series which isn’t really that NEW because I started it some time LAST year. It’s just NEW in the sense that it’s not ORIGINAL. That is to say, it is ORIGINAL but it is not the ORIGINAL series.

Vote for as many characters as you like. The most voted character will be featured in the next post in some exciting fashion. Hexciting!

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Happy Gnu Year!

It is the happiest of Gnu Years, on account of the fact that being new means that there hasn’t been much time for anything to go horribly wrong as yet. Hurrah for new things! Fresh starts! A decision not to eat any more junk food which lasts about as long as it takes to walk to the cupboard and realize that one of those chocolate covered almonds you got for Christmas has rolled into a corner and is just sitting there being all alluring and whatnot.

I hope that the New Year brings you all much excellence and excitement and maybe something from the Eurythmics too. (2015 is bought to you by the Letter E, and maybe an Annie Lennox revival tour.)

2014 was a good year. My Word Count journal reveals that I wrote just shy of 640,000 words last year. I hope some of them entertained you! Or maybe just one of them. Maybe this one: Blundersquiggle

Because all words have to have meanings, I shall define Blundersquiggle as the uncomfortable sensation one experiences after realizing that wasn’t actually a chocolate covered almond.

Happy New Year, and thank you for all your support and the directing of your eyeballs toward the words which have flowed from wherever it is fiction comes from onto the digital pages of your preferred interweb device. I would take more credit for all of this, but I’m not entirely certain I should.

Now, for the interactive part of the program. What’s next for 2015? What newitude might flow? I thought I might put up a poll here, so you can have your say by just jabbing at the screen with your finger or clicking your mouse. Keep in mind, this is a very serious poll which could result in dire outcomes for us all if it doesn’t go the right way. Let’s treat this with all the solemn respect which it undoubtedly deserves.

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Of Queens And Horses…

While what remained of Kira’s armlette made a fairly disgruntled attempt at escape, many miles hence three riders moved at a smooth trot across a grassed plain. They rode sturdy battle chargers, tall horses with fine heads and strong bodies. At the head of them Queen Cadentis jostled and bounced atop a much smaller bay cob, a broad backed sturdy mount which was jigging between a trot and a canter and occasionally, a frustrated walk.

“What’s wrong with this beast?” Cadentis flung the question over her shoulder.

The cob was the only horse in the royal stables able to stand up to the rigors of being ridden by the queen, not because the queen was overly large, but because she was not in any way an equestrian. She preferred her clockwork carriages to beasts of flesh and blood and it showed.

The riders looked at one another. It was not their place to correct a monarch, but the cob was growing impatient and it seemed that sooner or later there was to be a falling out between queen and horse. As horses tended not to honor the monarchy, it would not go well for Cadentis.

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An Unauthorized Present…

Halo Ray’s Christmas log…

I’m wearing a passive-aggressive hat which says ‘Ho Ho Ho’ and has a little white fluffy ball at the tip which keeps bobbing into my eyeline. I’m also three quarters of the way through a bottle of wine which has made the crew dinner somewhat bearable. We’re all gathered in the dining hall for a raucous and rowdy celebration of a solstice on a planet most of us have never seen.

Christmas aboard the Persephone is more painful than a dozen cane strokes. I don’t like Christmas. You don’t get to choose your feelings for Christmas. You get to be jolly and holly and a big fat fucking cypher for reckless consumerism and the cloying sort of familial love that exists precisely nowhere in reality. That’s what I’ve been telling myself between drinks.

Some people like to really get into Christmas. Jubilee Flundersquidge has been bouncing around all morning beaming and informing everyone who will listen that she’s excited for all the little blessings of Christmas.

“It’s so joyous,” she trills, entirely unaware of how vomitous it all is. It would be one thing if she genuinely felt joy, but she’s just feeling a bloody big dose of Hapsters and following the tinsel clad cues which are stuck all around the ship.

“What did you get for Christmas, Ray?”

I glare at the asker. I didn’t get anything for Christmas. Only good girls get presents, and it’s been a long time since I was on that list. I got some additional rations, but everyone in the coalition gets those. A 1% holiday bonus, hurray. Fortunately, the answer to the question was never important in the first place.
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Hips, Lips and Witch

A wicked witch this way comes…

Her hips draw the eye first, perfectly shaped like an inverted wine glass, framed in black sequins which glitter with every step. The rear side of her gown is open all the way to the dimples at the base of her spine, exposing her long, elegant back. Her hair is perfectly coiffed as usual, cascading dark ringlets curling over her left shoulder. The dress doesn’t cover much more in front than it does in behind, a plunging neckline coming to a relatively restrained halt inches from her navel. She’s not so much wearing the dress as she is embodying it.

Her smile captures souls, her azure eyes reveal nothing but see everything. The crowd parts as she moves through it. None dare stand in her way. Such is the lot of a wicked witch. Feared by many, loved by none, needed by all. A kingdom goes to its knees before her. Continue reading

Rebellion, and a book called Starstrike

Get your copy of Starstrike yet? Have I mentioned that there’s a book available? Called Starstrike? A book you could read, if you wanted? What’s the book called again? Oh yes, Starstrike. Mhm. Where would you get that if you had a spare four dollars? On Amazon. At this link right here! Just four dollars? Why that’s less than the cost of a private island. A bargain! There’s probably four dollars in your couch. Or someone else’s. Do you know someone else? Do they have a couch? Score!

So far Starstrike has been sighted in both the Lesbian erotica and Science Fiction erotica top 100 ranks, exciting news for all concerned.

What happens after Starstrike? More things of course. Because there are always things, and always more. That’s pretty much the secret of the universe. Always things. Always more. That’s Loki’s grand unifying theory:

Always = things x more squared.

Here is a taste of the more I have planned. Mmm. Moreitude.

Sarge steps closer to me, stopping less than a foot away. She leans forward so her handsome features are next to mine, her lips just inches from my mouth. Her proximity has an immediate electric effect. It’s not just her physical appeal. It’s her energy. She’s a curious mixture of animal dominance and nirvana calm. She’s my personal Eden in the middle of the void and her body is my garden of sin. Though she’s wearing the dark uniform of her rank, I know what lies beneath that stiff fabric. I have tasted her neat nipples set high on firm breasts. I have trailed my tongue down the taut, toned line of her stomach and I have set her powerful thighs straining as she orbits orgasm again and again.

None of this makes her any less imposing. In fact, it adds to the frisson of the moment because right now she’s not speaking to me as a lover. She’s speaking to me as a superior, and that means she’ll do things no lover usually would.

Starstrike is Smashing!

Sarge is the woman of my dreams, strong, powerful, talented, handsome with dark eyes that make me melt every time they catch me in their gaze. And now she has her fingertips at my entrance, swirling gently in the juices my body is making for her. I reach up and run my hands through her dark hair, looking into her face with what must be confusion because she smiles, kisses me lightly and tells me to relax.

“If this is too much we don’t have to…”

“No!” I grab at her hand before she can move it away. “It’s not too much. It’s too little.”

“Too little, huh?” Her cheek dimples. “What about this, is this too little?” She uses some of the moisture of my pussy to lubricate her fingertips as she slides her fingers up to my clit and slowly circles around it.

“Mmnn… Sarge…”

“You know my name isn’t actually Sarge, right?” She keeps her fingers moving as she chides me gently.

“No… I mean…”

“My name is Blaine.”

“Blaine, that’s nice…” my words trail off into a moan as she finally makes direct contact with my clit and a jolt travels through my body as every muscle contracts with delight.

“You don’t use it outside this room though,” she warns. “Unless you want your butt warmed in front of whoever you used it in front of.”

“Yes, ma’am, Sarge, sir,” I say, throwing every honorific her way.


Starstrike Lesbian Sci-Fi EroticaIf you want a copy of Starstrike, but don’t like to buy your lesbian erotica on the commercial powerhouse that is Amazon then I have news for you!

You can now get Starstrike on Smashwords! And soon enough, on those other ebook retailers like the people who made Nook, and the Apple store and other such places. I am not certain precisely when Starstrike will have that extended distribution, but I imagine in a week or so.

If you do want to get it on Smashwords you can get it in a format to suit any reading device, so that is nice.

Meanwhile on, there’s already a very nice (and may I add, very well written) review from Sparrow!

Halo Ray has a terrible secret that keeps her separate and alone, just trying to maintain a low profile in order to stay alive. While intending to avoid drawing attention to herself in order to stay off the radar of those with authority, she battles an inner demon that makes it almost impossible for her to avoid making snarky remarks to superiors and undertaking self-destructive, reckless actions that put her squarely on the radar, over the knee, and ultimately on the run from even a love unlike any she has ever known. The surprise conclusion seems more like a beginning than an end to Halo Ray’s story… at least I hope it is, because I loved this rebel with a cause.

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Don’t Get Starstrike!

Starstrike: Spanked In Space ***OUT NOW***

There’s a shapely female butt standing naked in the corner of my quarters. It’s red and belongs to a rookie who thought the rules didn’t apply to her. The sniffling and the apple-hue of her cheeks prove that she was wrong. Her panties are bunched at the top of her thighs and her black uniform shirt hangs just over the curve of her buttocks, framing the scene quite nicely. If I were to take a picture, it would make a perfect greeting card for newcomers who are planning on pushing the boundaries. There’s no warning more effective than a bad example.

She’s squirming back and forth in place and I can see her fingers moving at her sides. She wants to reach back and rub some of that sting away, but that would be wasting it. I know she’s uncomfortable. She deserves to be. Coalition officers don’t like to have their toothpaste swapped for hemorrhoid cream, no they don’t. I still can’t feel my gums.


Starstrike Lesbian Sci-Fi Erotica

It’s not easy being a low ranked officer on a space ship with an all-female crew. Halo Ray has it tough keeping the spirited young women under her command in line whilst trying not to come to the attention of her superiors for her own illicit antics. Setting a good example isn’t exactly Halo’s strong suit, and though she makes sure her subordinates are somewhat well behaved, she herself is getting more and more out of control by the day.

With no respect for protocol, orders, or even clearly marked instructions, it seems as though nothing and no-one can stop her. That is, until she comes up against Sarge, a heavenly butch with a firm hand capable of a gentle touch. Unlike other superior officers who pawn her off on one another in an endless round, Sarge brings Halo to world-shattering, knee-trembling, that’s-going-to-leave-a-mark justice again and again.

Temporarily subdued to the useful and the good, Halo tries to settle down. But the secret she’s been carrying since she came aboard has a disruptive power which threatens to tear her relationship apart and destroy any chance at redemption she might have. If she’s going to make it, Halo needs to learn to trust again before her self-destructive tear ends up hurting not just her, but those who depend on her for their survival.

Get your copy or download a sample here!

Spanked By An Officer | Halo Tops A Bottom

This is the last of the WIP snippets from the new tale of Halo Ray, I’ll be ready to release the book very soon! In the meantime, please do enjoy this little excerpt from a punishment between Halo Ray and a very deserving subordinate.

“Come here.”

She stalls for a second. I take a leaf out of Sarge’s book and hook two fingers into her belt loops, hauling her into position pelvis first. I have my thigh held high and she tips right over it, her cute full-figured butt see-sawing into place. Right now she still has her regulation pants on. They’re not going to stay up, but I let her keep them for the moment.

“We both know what this is for, don’t we,” I say patting her bottom. “What you did was more than stupid, it was so dangerous it almost killed you.”

“I know, ma’am.”

She sounds contrite. The way she says ma’am with those lilting tones almost makes me want to go easy on her. Almost.

I slap her bottom, my palm bouncing off the ample round of her cheeks. She makes a little squeaking sound and stiffens. It doesn’t hurt, not yet. Her reaction is more out of anticipation than anything. She’s tense, expecting the worst probably. I haven’t given her any reason to hope for leniency.
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