F.Y.I *Forthcoming Spanky Material Warning*

I’m going to be wrapping up the Mature Woman Seeks Spanking story very soon. I’ve been working on making an extended, edited version with extra erotic spanking scenes and such and an ending of sorts too. Launching a book involves taking down most of the posts on the site, so if you’re particularly attached to them, feel free to make your own copies for your own personal use. (It occurred to me that it might be nice if I gave people warning this was going to happen.)

I’d appreciate if you’ve got the means, getting a copy of the ebook when it comes out, ’cause that keeps the site going and makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I plan to continue the tale of Erin, Leslie, Monica and Jimmy* after the ebook launches, so there will always be more to read here. It’s not the end. It’s only the end of the beginning.

(*Unless there turns out to be 0 demand for it, in which case this blog will be replaced by a series of recipes for vegan cupcakes made out of recycled plastic shoes.)

One Of My New Favorites…

Because I live in a pineapple under the sea, it takes me a while to discover things and people that others have known about for ages, but Amy Schumer is one of my new favorites, and here she is saying things. You should check her out saying other things too. She says things most excellently and to great amusing effect.

Marriage Equality Comes To America

Marriage equality has swept the US finally, after a very long struggle, and some painful set backs in which states tried constitutionally banning the right for same sex couples to marry, or allowed marriage for all of two seconds and then unmarried people who were pretty sure they were totally married, the SCOTUS has finally gotten on board, realized what year it is and come to the party to settle the issue once and for all.

There is no doubt in my mind that future generations will look back on the era when marriage was reserved for male/female couples with the same kind of horror we now do when contemplating things like apartheid. And though the world often seems like a dark, weird place with horrible people doing horrible things, today it got a little better for everyone. Not just for gay and lesbian people, but for everyone.

We can’t truly love if we’re denying that same love to others. We can’t be equal if some are less equal. We can’t wander around patting ourselves on the back for being super advanced and civilized when we’re allowing an underclass based on nothing more than sexuality to suffer next to us.

This is a great day. It’s also a day that came far, far too late for so many people. And there is something bittersweet about it, because even though that particular battle is won, it’s a battle that should never have to have been fought. And the fates and lives of so many hundreds of thousands of people should never have been in the hands of legislators, politicians or even ultimately nine people in black robes.

While we haven’t ascended into an egalitarian utopia without nonsense authority figures sticking their fingers into people’s private lives (that’s not scheduled until May of 2025), at least the regime has come to the party with a positive decision for once.

Congratulations to all those in the USA who fought so hard for so long, you deserve this. You always deserved it. And I am so, so glad you have it.

Sappho’s Brats Audience Analysis

From somewhere in the depths of Tumblr. Would love to cite the source, but can't find it.

From somewhere in the depths of Tumblr. Would love to cite the source, but can’t find it.

Recent polling has suggested that 60-ish% of Sappho’s Brats readers would likely get themselves spanked with a belt if they were left to their own devices post hand spanking.

18% would cut their losses and behave themselves, and 18% approve of cold dairy butt soothers. (Which is what they call a hidden niche market.)

A smaller percentage are interested in the lost art of ass sculpture, and an equal number are interested in the equitable distribution of spanking.

You can’t buy insights like this.

Bad Witch Reviewed :D

If you have ever been seen and loved for who you are, when no one ever had, and you have seen and loved another for who they are, when no one ever had, then the incredibly erotic dance of dominance and submission playing out between these two indomitable women will leave you breathless, with a smile of recognition on your lips.

Thanks so much, Sparrow, for these eloquent words and a review which truly reflects the core of the book!

If you haven’t got Bad Witch yet, you can get this erotic story of lesbian dominance and submission by clicking here!

The Bad Witch Spanks…

“Remove your clothing,” the witch commands. Orla does not obey. When she makes no motion to do as she is told, the witch snaps her fingers and a sudden heat flares over Orla’s body. Her clothes are ablaze, for one brief second they burn and then they are gone. She is left completely naked. Her powerful thighs, her round buttocks, the thickness of her belly slimming to a neat waist and above that her full breasts.

She seeks to cover herself, but Sabine will not allow that. She steps closer and brushes Orla’s hands away from her form.

“You can hide nothing from me,” she says, her eyes gleaming with lust. Orla feels an unfamiliar tremor in the very pit of her being. The witch’s body is intoxicating, her cleavage draws Orla’s eyes as it approaches, Sabine’s breasts finding their level just below Orla’s lips.

Her bottom burning, her lust inflamed in a way she cannot explain, Orla extends her tongue and takes Sabine’s left nipple between her lips. Sabine lets out a hiss and runs her hands over Orla’s back all the way down to the assassin’s buttocks, her nails brushing against the raised welts from the cane.

“This is punishment, remember?” Sabine purrs softly, slapping Orla’s heated cheek.

Orla has forgotten all notion of punishment. It matters not how much her bottom burns when it is her loins which flare much more brightly. She is consumed with lustful desire of the kind which leads even the wisest and most cautious of women to make mistakes.

“Lay back on the bed,” Sabine says. “Present yourself to me.”

Orla does not wish to obey, but her body does. She finds herself taking steps backwards until the bed meets her behind her knees and then, under Sabine’s gaze, she lays back, the pale curves of her body framed by dark satin.

“What now, witch? What will you do to me?”

Bad Witch is now available! Click here to get your copy 😀

bad witch preview coverEvery kingdom has its bad witch, but few have a witch like Sabine – she who calls the serpents, she who holds the souls of her servants in thrall with powerful charisma. Sabine is the ultimate authority before whom royals and peasants go to their knees. It goes without saying that a woman such as she has many enemies intent on her destruction. None of them are bold enough to face her themselves, but they are not above sending assassins one after the other. Each and every one of them has failed.

Until now. Orla Lorcan is not much to look at, but she is the best assassin in the land and great riches have been promised to her if she is able to defeat Sabine. Unlike the other assassins, Orla is able to penetrate Sabine’s defences and to face the bad witch herself. But getting to Sabine is only half the battle.

When confronted by Orla, Sabine is more amused than frightened. She imprisons the assassin and toys with her, using her wickedly sensual powers to bend Orla to her will. What began as an assault on Sabine’s life becomes a carnal battle for Orla’s eternal soul.

Orla’s resistance crumbles as Sabine imposes orgasm after orgasm upon her, alternately satisfying her and denying her the ultimate pleasure. But will Sabine conquer the spirited woman? Or will Orla somehow triumph where others have failed?

The Binding of Orla

This is a snippet from my upcoming book, in which Sabine, the notoriously Bad Witch, decides to take the assassin who tried to claim her life, and possess her always.

Orla looks at Sabine, fierce independence flashing through her veins, lighting her eyes with determination. “I will not be bound, witch. I will fight a hundred hordes before I allow myself to become one of your pets.”

“You fear not me, but connection to me,” Sabine says calmly. “But we have always been connected, and always will be. Fate has determined that.”

“Then you do not need to make me yours,” Orla says, neatly circling around the witch’s logic. “I will be mine and you will be yours and we will be ours and that will have to be enough.”

“You will be mine,” Sabine declares. “I have not offered you a choice in that.”

“Nonsense,” Orla replies. “You cannot claim me. You…”

Her words are cut off as Sabine uses her powerful magic to make the world tumble, or perhaps it is just Orla that tumbles, for she finds herself face down against the coverlet, her hips raised over a serpent’s ridge which has risen from the ether, a glittering familiar taking momentary wooden form. She is unable to move, shackled by Sabine’s sprites which wind themselves around her ankles and wrists, leaving her entirely at the witch’s mercy, her naked body bared, spread and held for Sabine’s pleasure.
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Mama Edwards Gets Mad And Runs A Monk

Alyssa Edwards isn’t your ordinary drag queen, oh no. She’s the drag mother to Laganja Estranja and Shangela Laquifa Wadley.

And this is what happens when a party at the house of Edwards gets out of control…

(And yes, I know this has nooothing to do with the stated theme of this site, but god I love these people. They are endlessly entertaining. Endlessly.)