Melissa Etheridge and Joe Rogan

An unlikely couple and a fascinating conversation. (Some of it is complete bullshit. Mental discretion advised.)

8 thoughts on “Melissa Etheridge and Joe Rogan

  1. Alyx

    Geez. You weren’t kidding….some of that was complete bullsh*t. *LOL* But entertaining as well. I love Melissa’s songs, her concerts are awesome, and her voice and talent are amazing. But from what I read in her autobiography, it’s hard to be married to her. I’d need someone more “woman-identified” myself (not that she’d ever ask me. *vbg*) Thanks for sharing that, Loki. 🙂

    1. Loki Post author

      One of the great pleasures of life is listening to people who are a little too high talking about ‘physics’. Yes, Professor Etheridge, tell us all about science.

      1. DD

        It’s just barely started and I am already rolling my eyes and I love rolling my eyes (metaphorically though, I don’t actually roll my eyes, more like my glass fall to my nose). Not just the things she says but the way she says them, the gestures… It is indeed fascinating Thanks Loki!

    2. DD

      She would totally ask you and I would beam at you rejecting the superstar. That should take her down a peg or two!

  2. DD

    Jajajajja. I can’t watch the video from this thingy, I will check it out whenever I have acces to a proper computer.
    But must say I kind of think Melissa is a bit of an asshole.
    Then again listening to people who are assholey is fascinating.
    It cheers me up too. Why does it cheer me up? Well, that’s my dark side and I shan’t give it away.
    Looking forward to listen to Professor Etheridge unravelling the mistery!
    Big! Ben! I once said very seriously: the universe started with the Big Ben. But I was a puppy.

    1. Alyx

      Totally yay hippies! Must be nice to have the sort of job where smoking dope is a help rather than a hindrance. Not to mention grounds for termination. *g* You and Mil both have that sort of job, don’t you? *teasing g*

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