Liz Gets Licked

The least popular brat in Lesbia is about to go way too far…

Kira, Trebuchet, Moon, Aeron and Liz woke up at about the same time and came to the realization that Ayla was missing a moment later.

“The witch is gone,” Liz said. “She must have put something in that stew.”

Kira set her lips in a thin line and shook her head. “I forgot. Never trust a witch’s cooking.”

“You think she drugged us?” Trebuchet rubbed her head. “That seems… very naughty.”

Moon grinned at her lover. “Is it naughty if you’re a thousanty years old and you do something wrong?”

“Yes,” Trebuchet replied. “And when I catch that witch, you can be sure I’ll take it out on her hide.”

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