Lesbia, The Graphic Experience

It’s important to bring newitude and betterness to everything one does, that’s what I always say. That’s why there’s a new Lesbia project I’m working on with two very talented artists. Lesbia has always lived in text, now its going to live in pictures!

My current plan is for this project to be set directly after the events at the end of Over Witch’s Knee. Whilst the others go off to live happily ever after, Kira throws herself into her twilight years as a warrior. Her ageing body, a concern in Over Witch’s Knee, is now a serious liability. With every passing day, she grows a little weaker, a little less capable. In the panels below, Kira has lost what seems to be her final battle. Cold, bloody and alone, she awaits her death – but a certain someone isn’t going to let that happen without a little divine interference.