How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 6: Touch

After helping her dismount, Tamsan took her by the hands and drew her into the one roomed cabin where she lived. Once inside, clothes were discarded along with cares. Tamsan’s naked body was a wonder to behold. She was slim and athletic, with a toned midsection which evoked both admiration and lust in Anna. Her limbs were long and graceful, her arms well shaped with musculature that came from hard work, not time in a gym. Anna was softer in figure, curved and rounded, but they fit together as if they had been made for one another as they embraced first standing up, then laying back on the soft blanket which covered Tamsan’s bed.

Flat on her back, Anna spread herself to accommodate her lover between her thighs. Tamsan was truly stunningly beautiful, especially with her long flowing blonde hair cascading in twin falls on either side of her head, boxing them in a sensual space.

Tracing her hand down Anna’s belly, Tamsan approached the quivering dew covered lips which so desired her touch. Arching her hips, Anna invited Tamsan in. She was rewarded when Tamsan’s fingers slid down over her lips in a soft caress, once, twice three times before making their way inward. It was such a relief to be filled, to feel her body stretch the way it was made to be stretched. Tamsan’s strong hand curled in the short hair at the back of her head, pinning her to the bed as her tongue twisted in Anna’s mouth. Lost in lust, Anna wanted more. She began to thrust, taking her pleasure with desperate urgency.

“Relax, sweetheart,” Tamsan murmured softly, stilling her fingers.

It was an impossible request. There could be no relaxing when all Anna wanted was to push her hips down and feel Tamsan deep insider her. She wanted to be fucked hard, she wanted to be pleasured until she forgot all about the ranch, and her troubles, hell, until she forgot her name.

“Relax,” Tamsan urged again, withdrawing her fingers. Anna whined at their loss.

“If you want more, you have to do as you’re told,” Tamsan said, a playful smile on her lips as she kissed Anna again, letting the tips of her fingers swirl around the wet entrance to Anna’s body.

With significant effort, Anna released some of the tension she’d been holding in her hips, thighs and back. She laid flat against the bed and looked up at Tamsan hopefully.

“Good girl,” Tamsan said, sliding her fingers back inside Anna and moving them in and out with long, slow strokes.

Forced to take her pleasure at Tamsan’s place, Anna took a deep breath and relaxed properly. True to her word, Tamsan kept stroking in and out with a slow, steady rhythm. It was enough to pleasure, but not nearly enough to satisfy. That seemed to be Tamsan’s agenda, keeping her right on the verge of desire and climax. It wasn’t fair, and Anna wasn’t going to allow it to continue. Running her hands down Tamsan’s back, she cupped her lover’s cheeks and spread them.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Tamsan quirked a smile down at Anna.

“I’m going to fuck you,” Anna breathed, reaching around the well muscled cheek and letting her fingers dance across the soft lips of Tamsan’s pussy. Tamsan moaned softly at her touch and the sound made Anna’s pussy clench. Everything about her was intoxicating, her smell, the way she felt beneath Anna’s fingers, the soft, warm wetness which was beginning to coat her digits.

Riding her hips up and down, Tamsan worked herself on Anna’s fingers. She also kept her own hand in motion and soon they were both panting as they kissed and fucked, grinding and thrusting with relentless need. Already close, Anna’s orgasm hit first in a bolt of unprecedented pleasure which made her entire body tense for long seconds then relax into Tamsan’s embrace.

“Was that good?” Tamsan purred the redundant question against Anna’s neck, kissing down her body.

“It was amazing,” Anna moaned as Tamsan moved between her thighs and began gently lapping up the juices of her climax. “But… you… it’s your turn.”

“Oh I know it’s my turn,” Tamsan agreed, looking up along Anna’s body with a wicked smile. “Don’t worry about that.”

Kissing from mons to belly to breast, Tamsan slid up with a sinuous motion, finally settling her pussy over Anna’s face. With her hand grasping tufts of hair at the back of Anna’s nape, she guided Anna’s lips gently to where she wanted them.

Obedient and eager, Anna extended her tongue and traced it softly over Tamsan’s pussy for the very first time. She tasted heavenly, and the view wasn’t bad either. The delicate flaring lips were puffy, spreading themselves for Anna’s tongue, flowering with each delicate lap and kiss. It was Anna’s turn to take control, which she enjoyed all the more for the fact she was certain Tamsan liked to be on top. Even when getting her pussy licked Tamsan remained crouched upright, the guiding hand still locked in Anna’s hair.

Fastening her lips gently around Tamsan’s clit, Anna took the opportunity to tease the hard bud, making Tamsan buck back and forth against her mouth. Snaking her fingers up past Tamsan’s thigh, Anna once more slid inside her lover, pumping three digits deep inside the clasping walls. A low growling moan was torn from Tamsan’s throat as she began to thrust back, abandoning her native control as Anna fucked her long and hard.

“Uh…oh… mmmnn…” Tamsan’s attempts to communicate verbally were stunted, but Anna knew precisely what she wanted. Tamsan’s hand was still locked in her hair, pulling Anna’s mouth hard against her cunt. Letting her tongue lash and curl just under Tamsan’s clit, Anna took great pleasure in the way Tamsan’s hips locked and ground, panting and moaning as her pussy began to clench around Anna’s fingers in unmistakable orgasm.

Tamsan came with a cry of release and pleasure which would echo in Anna’s mind for days, arching her perfect form in as pleasure bolted through her body. Then she slid off to the side, pausing on hands and knees for a moment to get her breath back.

“Should I… you want me to… uh…go?” Anna was used to being turfed out after a one night stand. She didn’t want to leave, but she didn’t want to be weird and outstay her welcome either.

To her surprise, Tamsan laid down beside her, cast an arm over her waist and whispered three sweet breathless little words:

“Go to sleep.”