I did it! I found my new name. It is a lot like the old one, which I think will be good for continuity. It also drops the Norse God theme, which I was never fully comfortable with in the first place.

Ther Renard

This name is neat I think. It rolls off the tongue, climbs up into the rafters and peers down at you. Then it flicks the light switches on and off for a few minutes for its own amusement and eventually curls up and goes to sleep in a sun beam. It is unique without having to be spelled yoonikke and it challenges heteronormative expectations, of, uh, things.

I made this cover, so we can all appreciate what it might look like on a cover. Why, just like a real name!

lesbias talking trees

15 thoughts on “FOUND: A Name

  1. Mil

    Good one, bro! I like it. Are you changing all the current works to the new name? Or just your work from here on?

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      Some I might ‘claim’ as it were, but I am going in something of a new independent direction with this, focusing on stories about women. The Rigel Series is one I’ll probably claim as I’m intending on writing another ebook on that – and the Rigel series has always been very sort of non-genre-y to me. It’s a story about characters, not a story that needs to be one thing or another. Other than that, it is probably all new stuff from here on out – of course, Lesbia continues unabated :).

  2. Pixieplays

    Salutations and welcome to the ranks of the name swappers. I found it refreshing, I hope you do too 🙂

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      I already feel as if I’ve dived into a cool brook on a hot summer’s day. Though come to think of it, one probably shouldn’t dive into brooks. They tend not to be terribly deep.

  3. sparrow

    A Ther is a There is a Their is a They’re

    How will Loki, in my mind, be equated now as ‘Ther’?
    Wikipedia pronounce it just the same as ‘there’ or ‘their’
    Albanians define it as ‘to whet, to sharpen’, so I hear.
    The Greeks say it means ‘wild beast’, ‘Theramorpha’ at its root
    As does the name of Theron, meaning ‘Hunter’. But in truth,
    It is considered neutral, with no gender to imply,
    Unisex, to fit a woman just as easily a guy.
    I can’t wrap my brain around it- change is always hard for me
    In my mind I think forever Ther will always Loki be.

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      Nothing is always and forever,
      Much like the passing of the weather.
      Ther or Loki, it’s still Renard,
      Rhyming words is kind of hard.

      1. DD

        Ther or Loki, he, she or Ze,
        Author Renard is still the shit!
        I’ll be as loyal as a bitch.

        And so will be J.B. Ze is thrilled you are challenging heteronormative expectations.

  4. WiserDoc

    Ther is close enough to Thor
    To bring the Norse gods to the fore
    And in the mind as sparrow will
    Evoke the former nom de quill

    1. Ther Renard Post author

      Another poet joins the ranks,
      Bubbling full of sparkling spanks,
      Or is it only vampires that sparkle?
      In truth forsooth, my poem’s a debacle.

      1. DD

        Jajajaj. I loved all y’all’s poems. Love the sparkling vampires. I think I might read Twilight someday.

      2. WiserDoc

        Sparkling spanks, I must declare!
        And bubbling too! All must beware!
        But not all that sparkle also bite
        Although there is a chance they might. 😉

  5. Alyx

    Roses are red, violets are blue…..ah heck, no, I better not even try. 😀

    Good luck and good wishes with the new name and new direction, Ther. 🙂

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