Did Someone Say Magical Spanking Witch?

This source of magical spankings comes not from me, but from Devlin O’Neill, whose latest spanking fairy tale novella has just dropped, complete with a formidable female top in the form of Mother Hibbard. This book does contain both F/F and M/F spankings, but I had to mention it on account of how much I enjoyed the Sourceress (not a typo) Mother Hibbard.

sourcerers apprentice spanking book


The Sourcerer’s Apprentice represents another step into the world of Neverwasnia, a fantasy realm very much like our own, save for being inhabited by witches and pixies and werewolves and other mythical creatures that make themselves altogether a little too at home in what seems to be an otherwise mundane world.

This tale of magic and spanking from Devlin O’Neill not only distinguishes itself by merit of his fantastic modern fairy tale writing style and brilliant world building, but by containing one of the most interesting top figures in all spankydom in the form of Mother Hibbard – a sourceress to be reckoned with.

But that’s not all! There’s also a temperamental artist with a talent for capturing a girl’s bottom along with her soul, a dastardly doctor with a plan for bringing down Mother Hibbard and all her apprentices and Tabitha, dear, sweet, innocent apprentice Tabitha. What ever shall become of her and her little squirrel familiar?

Hot bottoms, warmed hearts and surprises aplenty lie in store for all those who dare peek inside to find out just what Mother Hibbard has in her cipboard, er, cupboard.

There’s no witches without itches, but this book scratches all of them.

And, a review from our very own DisneyDyke!

Mother is truly truly a most charismatic toppy yet laid-back lady and her girls are surely very loyal apprentices and friends. I also liked the secondary characters, such as the bratty and vain yet endearing model, the temperamental artist and even the detective and his doggie (really, I quite liked the role animals played in this tale). I can’t say I loved the baddie of this novella of course, but I surely loved to hate him and his gang and I loved that they got exactly what they deserved.

Read a sample chapter and get the book here!