PT 9: Spanked Like A Little Brat

The softness of the spanking makes you think that maybe Terra isn’t going to be too mean to you. She understands that you’ve been stressed, and that’s got to save you some trouble. Right?

“Boris has always teased me,” you whimper. “My whole life he’s been there taunting me. He used to steal my dolls when I would play in the village square. One time, he put one in the bucket and wound it down into the well until I promised I’d bring him all the berries I could carry.”

Terra’s palm meets your bottom in a crisp slap which makes you yelp with surprise.

“You were a little girl then,” Terra says, her voice melodious and firm. “But you’re not anymore, are you. You’re a cadet. Though if you act like a little brat now, you will find yourself getting treated like one.”

You blush and yelp as she swats your butt firmly over and over, making it tingle and sting. You feel very small and very sorry for yourself, and more than a little embarrassed as she heats your bottom with her palm, doing just as she says, treating you like a little brat. Every swat presses your hips against her thigh and sends a bolt of a much more mature sensation rushing through you. She has no idea how this is undoing you. You spend so much time pretending not to have a crush on her, and so much time doing your best to put on a brave face. But being spanked over her knee makes it impossible to maintain either of those illusions.

“Whatever,” you mumble as a way of saving face.

Her palm stills immediately. “Excuse me, cadet?”

What do you say?

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