PT 13: A Simple Question

“You don’t need to understand me,” she says. “You need to follow my orders. Or, to be more precise, you need to start following my orders.”

“I follow your orders,” you say indignantly.

“Oh really!” She arches a brow at you. “So I suppose you can look me in the eye and tell me you actually took a break from studying after our session today.”

“Well… uhm…” you try and figure a way to spin it that doesn’t sound as bad as it is. You wonder how she knows you didn’t take a break. Does she actually know? Or is she just guessing?

“Of course you didn’t,” she says. “Because you don’t listen to anyone. You didn’t listen to the instructions in the simulation assesment, and that’s why you failed it. If you’re going to succeed here, you’re going to need to learn to get out of your head and do as you’re told.” Her tone is starting to become decidedly sharp and stern, and the prickling in your butt seems to intensify as you get that nervous feeling in your stomach that tells you the trouble isn’t over yet.

“That’s why I spanked you,” she says. “Because it’s simple. It’s physical. You can’t over-think when you’re being spanked. All you can do is get spanked. If I gave you an exercise, or some other kind of punishment, you’d spend the whole time thinking about it and never understand the simple message. Do you get it now, cadet?”


She leans down a little so you’re the same height, her blue eyes boring into yours. “Do. As. You’re Told.”

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(Note from Loki here: I am *loving* this story. I think I might have to take the posting frequency down a tad of a notch though so I don’t RSI my wrists with all this writing, which I’m doing in addition to all the other writing. As well as my regular spanking romance books, I’m also doing a spanking series with male tops on m’ main site. It’s a lot of writing. I’m thinking a post every 2 -3 days would be, yannow, reasonable. I’m not saying that’s what *will* happen. I’m saying I probably should do that. If I was going to blog spanking responsibly.)