PT 11: A Spanking Climax

“No! Please!” You put your hand back to try to stop her from pulling your panties down too.

There’s a quick swat to the back of your hand and then your panties come down too, your bottom bared to Terra’s eyes. You were so proud of yourself when you were accepted into the Academy. You felt as accomplished as you’d ever felt in your life. And now you feel as small as you’ve ever felt. Even when you were small, you didn’t feel this small.

“This is for the bad attitude,” Terra informs you, renewing the slaps to your bare cheeks this time. You let out a surprised hiss as you feel the skin of her palm on your bottom. In all your fantasies about Terra, even the wildest ones, you never imagined that she’d actually touch your naked butt. You also never had any idea that it would hurt so much when she did. Each of the slaps now stings so much worse than before, it feels as though she’s unleashed a horde of tiny hornets on your skin.

On the other side, or rather, the under side of things, your situation is becoming increasingly dire. The stimulation of your now bare pussy rubbing against Terra’s thigh is making you wet. And not just a little damp. Your body is responding to her presence, her touch, her discipline with pure arousal. You can feel your upper thighs starting to get slick and it’s all you can do to press them together to try to hide the unintended consequences of her punishment. She already doesn’t like your attitude, you figure she’d be mad if she knew every slap made your clit grind against her leg and took you closer to what’s feeling a lot like an illicit orgasm.

“Are you going to improve your attitude, cadet?”

“Yes ma’am!” You gasp the words, hoping that she stops spanking you before you actually climax against her. You can’t even imagine how much trouble that would get you in.

“I hope so,” she lectures as she continues to deliver those crisp swats to one cheek and then the other, “if not, you’re going to end up over my lap more often.”

“Mnnnnn,” you moan unintelligibly. You don’t mean to, it just escapes your lips as she lands a slap particularly low on your bottom, near the center.

“I’m sorry, cadet,” Terra says. “I didn’t quite catch that.”

You’re finding it hard to speak as you instinctively hold your breath, every muscle in your body getting tighter as you slide toward the inevitable orgasm which has been building since you laid eyes on her.

“Uhmmmmmm…” it still comes out like a moan, and she’s spanking you harder, her palm beating a wicked tattoo against your cheeks, urging your hips into a frantic dance which finally delivers you into orgasm… “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” You feel a rush of release low in your belly as you cum, Terra still spanking you as your pussy clenches and your hips squirm and your thighs part just a little out of sheer instinct.

In the seconds after your climax, you freeze. Terra’s palm has stilled on your left cheek, leaving your butt blazing hot and stinging.

“What was that, cadet?” Her inquiry is delivered in an inscrutable tone which doesn’t shed any light on whether you’re in trouble or not.

What do you say?

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