PT 10: Sternly Spanked

“Whatever,” you repeat in a sullen tone.

“Oh, I see,” she says, her tone dipping into a new stern low. “I give you an opportunity to resit an assessment, you turn around, assault one of your cohort, and then give me attitude when punished for it.”

Her hand meets your bottom in a hard slap which makes you gasp as a sting like no other bursts across your cheeks. You had no idea she had so much power in her palm. That is the first slap of several dozen like it, delivered hard enough to make laying still over her lap impossible. She is thrashing you like the little brat she accused you of acting like and every time her hand lands on your bottom, you buck and squirm in an uncontrollable reaction to having your butt seared.

“I think you’ve been flying under my radar, cadet,” Terra says grimly. “I hadn’t picked up on any of this attitude.”

She stops spanking you for a moment, but only to pull your uniform pants down below your bottom, leaving your panty clad butt vulnerable. And then the spanking starts again. Your black regulation panties do nothing to protect your bottom and you feel the blazing heat of every swat what feels like a million times over.

Soon you cannot help but squeal and yelp as she spanks you sternly, your eyes filling with tears. Your butt feels swollen and hot, even between spanks it is aching and burning, and to make matters worse, your uniform pants have been making their way steadily down your thighs, leaving your crotch pressed against Terra’s leg, the sensitive parts of your body responding to the spanking in a very embarrassing way.

“I was going to make this a one-off punishment,” she said. “But I think you’re going to need more of these, Cadet Brat.”

Her palm smooths over your bottom – and to your dismay, you feel her thumb hook into the waistband of your panties…

What do you do?

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