Caught In Kitties | B.R.A.T. Excerpt

Running to escape the slaps, Sakura hurtled into their quarters, her hands covering her backside. “I get to go out,” she crowed. “And you can’t stop me!” She jumped up on the bed, beaming broadly. “I get to go ouuuutt, and you can’t stooop me,” she sung, dancing back and forth, clothy kitty heads bouncing in time with her excited motion.

Deven stood just inside the door, folded her arms over her chest, and said nothing. She simply looked at Sakura with a dry expression that said more than any words ever could. Within seconds, Sakura calmed down and went to her knees, sitting with her calves splayed out next to her.

“So,” she said, changing the subject. What did you do to Halo? Did you spank her?”

“Get dressed, Sakura,” Deven drawled down at the curious B.R.A.T.

“You did, didn’t you,” Sakura giggled. “Oh I bet she didn’t like that.”

“You’re not going to like what I do to that bottom of yours if you don’t start listening.”

Heeding the warning, Sakura got up and started dressing herself, but she didn’t stop talking.

“Did she fight you much? I bet she did. Did she bite you?”

“No, she did not bite me,” Deven said, shaking her head. “She’s not a little animal. Unlike some people I know.”

Sakura grined and bared her teeth.

“You know what happens when you bite, don’t you?”

“I get to taste you,” Sakura said. She tried to yank the pajama top off over her head, but only succeded in getting half-stuck in one of the sleeves.

“No, you get to taste soap – and leather.” Deven helped Sakura get undressed, not because Sakura needed help taking her clothes off, but because Deven very much liked helping Sakura get naked.

Whilst Sakura was momentarily trapped in her top, Deven moved around behind her girlfriend, put her hands on Sakura’s waist and let them slip down to the elastic pajama band. Sakura made a muffled noise and wriggled, neither of which did anything to stop Deven’s fingers hooking into the band and pushing it free of her hips. Cool air on Sakura’s bare thighs told her she was maybe in a little trouble, but it was the sort of trouble she lived for.

Having hobbled Sakura with her own kitties, Deven slid the flat of her palm around Sakura’s belly then let her palm drift lower over the line of Sakura’s panties slowly, strong fingers pressing across soft fabric devastatingly close to the little button of pleasure hidden below.

“Hey,” Sakura squirmed breathlessly. “Halo said we have to be there right away.”

“Mhm,” Deven murmured against Sakura’s ear as her fingertips drifted lower… lower.. until they were passing lightly over Sakura’s mound. “Just making sure you remember how to behave out there.” Her hand tightened against Sakura’s pussy, became more of a grip than a caress, and her other hand came down in a swift, hard slap that echoed around the room.

Still half-stuck in her pajama top, one arm in, one arm out, Sakura danced against the hand gripping her most sensitive parts. Deven spanked her hard, giving her girlfriend the full benefit of the swing of her arm. Each smack landed loud and strong, imparting a serious sting to the pantied flesh. It was very effective. First Sakura squeaked, then she squalled, then she moaned promises to be good, just as good as Deven wanted her to be, as good as anyone on Earth, or off Earth, or anywhere else ever could be…

The friction between her squirming pussy and the firm ridges of Deven’s palm and fingers did little to prepare Sakura for the mission, but she was very ready for something else…