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A Happy Thing…

Look at this thing. Look at it and then try not to feel better about things:

Points of note:

The people who do this wear uniforms. They get dressed up in actual uniforms in order to steeplechase their bunnies. That’s almost more freakin’ adorable than the bunnies themselves.

A Good Mood In Seven Minutes

Seriously. I’ve been in a good mood for about two whole days because of this music. It might actually be physically impossible not to be in a good mood listening to this. And the percussionist, Hope Medford (the lady making a piece of wood do magical things) is amazing.

Yes She Can: Helen Clark at TED

Mouyte. It’s a Neuw Zilandor, mouyte. Ex-Prime Minister and now Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, Helen Clark. I ran into her in a mall once. Unexpected lunchtime highlight there. She’s got a lot to say about the importance of ladies in leadership roles. Worth a watch.


Oh my god. That thing where a puppy sees you and starts wagging its tail and then it gets the full body wag on and then it runnnns toward you at the highest speed it has, but it is still wagging so it has a sort of helicopter butt effect as it runs. It’s the cutest thing in the world.

EDIT: A proper pupdate is in order, I think. One of the foster puppies found a home, and the other is going to live with us for ever and ever. That means we have four dogs, but one of them is really small, only really 1/8th of a dog, so it’s really 3 and one eighth dogs, which is totally reasonable and also awesome.

The puppy we’re keeping is the sweetest little dog I’ve ever had. She’ll snuggle with anyone. She had her booster shot the other day and afterward she immediately attempted a full body snuggle complete with neck nuzzle with the vet. If, at any time, she spies an open lap, she will immediately curl up in it and fall asleep. Sometimes it’s not even a lap. Sometimes someone might lay down to try to take some pictures and she might decide that their butt makes a nice bed.

butt bed

The Girl From A.S.S

I have a new spanking story available on Amazon! It’s called ‘Corporate Discipline’ and yes, it is M/F. I figure seeing as plenty of the visitors here are of the bispanksual persuasion it would not be entirely out of line to mention this latest effort of mine – even though it doesn’t contain any F/F spanking. It does, however, include office discipline, erotic interludes and puerile acronyms.

corporate discipline cover smallAll ladies need a good spanking.”

Ryan Rees is the third best broker at Associated Synergy Syndicates, a company listed on the NASDAQ as ASS. ASS is no typical brokerage. It is run by a singular man, Mr Charles Benedict, a man who puts his success in the corporate world down to employee discipline. This discipline takes many forms, but in the case of female associates is usually given in the form of spankings, typically delivered over the CEO’s knee.

Ryan doesn’t understand why Mr Benedict insists on spanking his employees and for the past three years she’s gone out of her way to avoid his disciplinary attentions – but her luck is about to run out.

Click here to read a sample of Corporate Discipline on Amazon and / or to buy the ebook!

Outages and Poutages

There apparently was some downtime whilst I was asleep, and it looks like there could be more afoot according to this article. My sites, along with many hundreds of thousands of others live in Utah, and having recently been migrated to a new server, appear to have been up and down like a ping pong ball for the last few hours. I’ve no idea if this issue is fixed, as Hostgator is currently suffering the wrath of the masses, but here’s hoping!

Still comering…

I’m working on the next Rigel book, as mentioned earlier. Which makes this corner of the internet somewhat quiet. The good news is that the story has wrenched itself out of my hands and is tap dancing nonsensically on the desk, refusing all efforts to make it conform to narrative expectations. This is a good sign, as it means it is almost done.

On another note, today I discovered a descriptive term for one of those things that you know is a thing, but you can’t put words to it, so you can’t explain why it’s bad. Know what I mean? Yes No?

The term is ‘thought terminating cliche‘ – and its used to describe any phrase which is used to attempt to shut down further thought on or discussion of a subject. These things are everywhere in the consensus narrative – but, as some magicians have noted over the years, knowing the name of a thing gives you some measure of power over it. The next time someone dismisses a topic of discussion with some offhanded, inherently meaningless phrase, you’ll know exactly why it makes your palm itch.