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Video Game Hero

From a game called DAYZ, in which players spawn in a post-apocalyptic zombie filled world with little to no resources. They can loot towns in the hope of finding food, weapons and ammunition – but there are zombies out there, and even worse than zombies – other players. In this clip, one player is about to be robbed by another, when…

Shopping In Socks

I don’t necessarily like shopping. It involves looking at many things and choosing items from among them. This is a process I find inherently confusing. But what I found more confusing today, as I went shopping, was the plethora of people (and by plethora, I mean more than three) who elected to go shopping sans shoes.

They were bare foot in the food court. They were breaking social taboos and stabbing social mores and eating them for second (or maybe third) lunch. That’s what they were doing. But the barefooters had nothing on the truly tasteless – I speak, of course, of those who shopped in their socks.

Socks. It takes quite a lot of effort to go shopping in your socks. The barefoot might simply not have gotten around to their feet at all. Perhaps they forgot they had feet. It happens. But the sock people. They put their socks on and then they thought… I am done. Now. I am done with this putting things on my feet. I will go out into the world. And I will wear socks. That is a thing I will do. This is the decision I have made. Here I stand. In the mall. Without need for shoes. Because I have socks.


Happy Mew Year

mew year

This is the kitten who has decided I should be snuggling him instead of doing any writing. This is the snuggliest, lovingest, most cuddly little kitten in the whole world, I think. He has an inexhaustible supply of purrs and is happiest when belly up in the crook of my arm, padding little paws into thin air. This is who is most occupying my new year, and it is not a bad way to see in a new year at all. Today I also went to the beach and then took my two puppies out to the river and they swam for the first time. T’was a day spent in nature, honoring that which is most basic. And it was awesome.

Here’s a little something inspiring for your New Year:

Happy Birthday, DD!

It’s DD’s birthday! And for her birthday I wrote her a little something with her favorite character from the Rigel series and she was generous enough to allow me to share it with everybody. So here you go, a little word cake for DD’s birthday!


Class with Tank

It was a late Novemberish morning and Tank was at the gym as usual. She’d worked at the gym for as long as she could remember and she’d used it for even longer than that. Every single one of those many days showed in her strong, toned, broad shouldered physique. Though there was undeniable bulk to her frame, Tank was pretty in her own way. Short blonde hair was cropped close to her head, framing kind blue eyes and a gentle smile. She did not wear an abundance of makeup and her clothes were simple. It was an attempt to be unassuming. It didn’t work. Even without typical feminine trappings, she was eye catching.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The repetitive slamming of the front counter bell drew Tank out of the office. The early gym goers had already settled into their workouts. She hoped it wasn’t one of them banging at the bell as if the place were on fire. If it was, stern words would have to be had.

As it turned out, it was not one of the regulars bashing away at the bell. It was a stranger, a smiling young lady batting at the little nubbin atop the bell with all the enthusiasm of a kitten.
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Location, Location, Location

Where should this SK story be set? Where would you most like your fictional self to play? Cast your vote, or comment below. (The poll is non-binding, dependent on what my imagination can come up with, but I’d like to see if there are any strong preferences for story type.)

Note: If you choose a ‘comment below’ option, please comment below, otherwise your vote doesn’t make much sense. If, say, you want existing fictional tops, say which ones you had in mind. There’s quite a few to choose from.

I want the story to be set...

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The Sapphic Kink Story Beginnethetheth…

Great news, everybody!

I’ve received the character sheets for the Sapphic Kink story, and wow, ten sign ups! That’s a lot more than I had expected, but it’s wonderful to see so many wanting to take part in this fictitional exploration.

(To be clear, when I say it’s beginning, I mean I just got the sheets and now I’m thinking and it will probably be a while until I get anything, but the process of beginning has begun.)

As part of the beginnering process I’ve been checking out the things people are into and not into. I note that lots of people aren’t into face slapping. I’ve never written a face slapping scene that I can remember, so it’s not likely to be a huge issue (all limits respected around here) but it did make me think about the topic of face slapping and then I thought hmmm…. maybe it could be sort of hot… maybe.

So here’s a poll…

Face-slapping can be hot...

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