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Unleashed! A New Lesbian Love Story

I said I was writing new F/F stories. This is an excerpt from the beginning of Unleashed! a story which exists due to the inspiration provided by DD. Thank you, DD 🙂

Here’s an excerpt, for your eyes:

“I could eat her. I could eat her like a potato.”

Blue eyes were fixed on the yoga pant clad rear of a woman who was deep in the process of ordering a berry smoothie. No sugar. No fat. No carbs. No dairy. Just blended ice and a hint of something that should have been fruit, but wasn’t.

“What are you? I don’t…” Marilyn pushed her shades up to give her friend the benefit of a harsh scowl. “You need some carbs already.”

“No!” Tina shook her head. “Carbs are sugar. Sugar is bad for you. It’s a poison. It’s a stimulant. It’s an oxidant.”

“You know what causes oxidation? Oxygen. You gonna stop breathing?”

Tina held her breath for a good twenty seconds, went beet red, then let it all out in a stream. “I can’t maintain that lifestyle,” she said, panting for air. “It’s about lifestyle choices, you know? I’m going to style my life new.”

Marilyn nodded, less than impressed. Tina was caught in the grip of another one of her fads. Hopefully this time it wouldn’t involve shoving her piano around the apartment until she decided the Shui was Fenged to her satisfaction.

“I should go on a cleanse,” Tina said. “Maybe a juice fast. I hear they have super fast juice fasts now. You go in, get your juice and it only takes half an hour.”

“Isn’t that just… juice?”

“No!” Tina’s brow would have crumpled if it had been able to move independently of her skull. “You don’t understand these things, Marilyn.”

“I suppose I don’t,” Marilyn agreed, finishing her full-fat full-flavored milkshake. She tossed a stray fry to Pico. The long haired tan chihuaua growled at it, skipping in angry dog circles around the fallen snack.