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Learning Lessons In Lesbia (Or, You Know, Not)

Things are getting more intriguified in Lesbia…

As the punishment continued, the unfortunate recipient became increasingly uncomfortable thanks to the switch and Kira’s strong right arm. Liz’s bottom was cherry red, twin cheeks bouncing back and forth as she bounced on her tip toes in a fruitless attempt at escape. The tip of the wood kissed the underside of her bottom as Kira angled her wrist so the implement rose from underneath to leave little welts where Liz would usually sit.

“Stop!” Liz squealed the word. “For the love of everything! Stop!”

Kira did not stop. She was clearly determined to teach a very overdue lesson and to be thorough about it. Unfortunately, Liz had no intention of learning any lessons. When whining, squirming and pleading failed, she reached the end of her tether and truly lost her temper.

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Liz Gets Licked

The least popular brat in Lesbia is about to go way too far…

Kira, Trebuchet, Moon, Aeron and Liz woke up at about the same time and came to the realization that Ayla was missing a moment later.

“The witch is gone,” Liz said. “She must have put something in that stew.”

Kira set her lips in a thin line and shook her head. “I forgot. Never trust a witch’s cooking.”

“You think she drugged us?” Trebuchet rubbed her head. “That seems… very naughty.”

Moon grinned at her lover. “Is it naughty if you’re a thousanty years old and you do something wrong?”

“Yes,” Trebuchet replied. “And when I catch that witch, you can be sure I’ll take it out on her hide.”

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The Most Important Meal…

Ayla laughed, the sound warm and amused in that dark space. “So shall it be,” she said, turning to leave Liz standing defiantly before the stars. She crossed to the corner of the cave where Vix had curled up on her own and sat down beside the sleeping hengineer, casting her cloak over Vix’s sleeping frame.

Sleep did not come to Ayla that night. Nor did it come to Liz. They both kept silent watch as the stars cycled through the sky and the moon deferred to the dawn.

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Consequences for Vix…

More, mes dames! More!

The walking eventually terminated in the stopping of walking, that was to say in making camp in a cave. There the seven women sat around a fire, chewing on dried beef in relative silence. Though many were friends in their own right they were not a natural group in their entirety. Kira and Ayla sat near one another with Aeron to Kira’s rear. Moon was sitting in Trebuchet’s lap while Vix leaned against the wall somewhat distant. Liz sat furthest away from the group toward the mouth of the cave, staring out at the stars.

“So this seems stupid,” Liz eventually announced. “You think a queen doesn’t know how to look in a cave?”

Nobody much responded but Vix nodded her agreement in the shadows. She had said as much herself, but Liz seemed to be able to say what she could not. Liz seemed to be able to do anything with impunity.


Best Poll Great Success!

Our last poll proved that you can have opinions absent of meaning, which is probably some sort of insight into the human condition, but I prefer to think of it as Sprenglefurf Nikergud. And now for something with some connection to the semi-real world. Vote on your favorite NEW lesbia character in the NEW lesbia series which isn’t really that NEW because I started it some time LAST year. It’s just NEW in the sense that it’s not ORIGINAL. That is to say, it is ORIGINAL but it is not the ORIGINAL series.

Vote for as many characters as you like. The most voted character will be featured in the next post in some exciting fashion. Hexciting!

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Of Queens And Horses…

While what remained of Kira’s armlette made a fairly disgruntled attempt at escape, many miles hence three riders moved at a smooth trot across a grassed plain. They rode sturdy battle chargers, tall horses with fine heads and strong bodies. At the head of them Queen Cadentis jostled and bounced atop a much smaller bay cob, a broad backed sturdy mount which was jigging between a trot and a canter and occasionally, a frustrated walk.

“What’s wrong with this beast?” Cadentis flung the question over her shoulder.

The cob was the only horse in the royal stables able to stand up to the rigors of being ridden by the queen, not because the queen was overly large, but because she was not in any way an equestrian. She preferred her clockwork carriages to beasts of flesh and blood and it showed.

The riders looked at one another. It was not their place to correct a monarch, but the cob was growing impatient and it seemed that sooner or later there was to be a falling out between queen and horse. As horses tended not to honor the monarchy, it would not go well for Cadentis.

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Sapphic Sims, Ayla and Kira Get Simulated

sim lesbians

I made Lesbia’s Kira and Ayla in the new Sims game, Sims 4. They actually turned out pretty awesome! (You just have to ignore the fact that they’re standing in a modern town, funnily enough the game didn’t ship with a lesbian fantasy realm!)

The expressions are just so great in this game, I especially love the dour look Ayla gives Kira and the thoroughly unrepentant looks Kira gives right back.

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sim ayla's dirty look

kira's look right back

Lesbia, The Graphic Experience

It’s important to bring newitude and betterness to everything one does, that’s what I always say. That’s why there’s a new Lesbia project I’m working on with two very talented artists. Lesbia has always lived in text, now its going to live in pictures!

My current plan is for this project to be set directly after the events at the end of Over Witch’s Knee. Whilst the others go off to live happily ever after, Kira throws herself into her twilight years as a warrior. Her ageing body, a concern in Over Witch’s Knee, is now a serious liability. With every passing day, she grows a little weaker, a little less capable. In the panels below, Kira has lost what seems to be her final battle. Cold, bloody and alone, she awaits her death – but a certain someone isn’t going to let that happen without a little divine interference.


Lesbia Happy Place

Hey everyone, just a quick note regarding Lesbia. I really like hearing from readers when they are so inspired to contact me, but for the moment there are a *lot* of fires in Loki-land that need putting out (seriously, a ridiculously high amount, Lemony Snickett would be proud to list them.) So please forgive me if I am not able to respond to your email in a timely fashion.

Though, like life, the tales of Lesbia have their ups and downs, Lesbia is my happy place, it’s something I write to relax – and I hope that it serves that purpose for you as well.

To keep up to date, please do add your email to the subscription box on the main Lesbia page. (The one under the title ‘Subscribe for Lesbia Updates.’) Sappho’s Brats (the website you’re on now) will not always have a post when there are new updates. But if you subscribe to Lesbia itself, or bookmark that page you should always be in the Lesbia loop.