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Spanking Sakura | Lesbian Discipline In Space

An excerpt from my Sapphic Kink exclusive…

Most struggled somewhat with the punishment. Halo had indeed been remiss in some disciplinary and exercise matters. Whilst most of the unit huffed and puffed and struggled to get their shoulders off the ground, Sakura seemed relatively indifferent to the order. She did push ups twice as fast as anybody else, alternating between the standard kind and one-handed push-ups, and a few where she pushed right up off the ground and managed to clap her hands together before catching herself on her palms again.

“That’s enough showing off,” Deven said, stopping next to her girlfriend.

“Is it? I thought maybe it wasn’t enough, seeing as I got grounded,” Sakura said pertly. She made ready to press up from her low position, but found it quite impossible as the sole of Deven’s boot was placed gently, but firmly on her upper back. Pinned beneath her commanding officer, Sakura made a little squeak of complaint.

“You want to give me lip, girl?” The question was drawled into a sudden silence, broken only by the panting of out of shape B.R.A.Ts.

When Sakura took the sensible option of making no reply, Deven removed her foot from Sakura’s back and jerked her head toward the door. “My room. Now.”

Without another word, Sakura got to her feet and left on the double, head up, knees high, marching like the good little soldier she certainly wasn’t.

Deven followed in her wake, but first stopped at the ship’s intercom. “Ray, your mission is cancelled. All B.R.A.Ts are to return to their quarters. Including you.” She thumbed the intercom off with a slight smirk, then followed in the wake of her girlfriend.

She found Sakura kneeling on her bed and looking almost penitent. Deven was not fooled. Sakura could be at her most mischevious just when it looked like she was submitting.

“You know better than that, don’t you?” She asked the question as the door slid shut behind her.

“Maybe,” Sakura admitted. “But you…”

“Me nothing,” Deven corrected her. “This is about you, and your behavior.”

“But I was going to go down, Halo chose me!”

“Halo isn’t going anywhere either,” Deven said. “It’s plainly obvious this entire unit needs to be overhauled before they do anything.”

“She still chose me.”

“Wrong,” Deven said. “I chose you. As my girlfriend. As my submissive. Remember?”

Sakura nodded, looking a little bit guilty. “I remember.”

“I expect your obedience, Sakura. Especially when you don’t want to give it. I also expect good behavior, even when you’re upset. That’s what it means to be mine. Submission doesn’t mean a thing if I only get it when you want to give it.”

“I know.” Sakura lowered her lashes and looked at her knees. She was starting to look guilty. Very guilty.

“So when I give you orders, I don’t expect you to out-brat every single B.R.A.T in this outfit, understand?” Deven’s voice was hard and stern, laced with disappointment that made Sakura sniff where she sat.

“I’m sorry… I…”

“Strip.” The word was a verbal blade cutting through Sakura’s stammering.

Sakura looked up wide eyed. “Wha?”

“You don’t need clothes. You’re not going anywhere.”

Blushing, Sakura began removing her clothing. Though she had been naked with Deven many, many times, it was different when she was ordered to strip. And it was different when Deven remained unrelentingly clothed. Deven knew that. She knew precisely how Sakura felt, what it meant when she wiggled her hips and lowered her eyes and bit her lip without even knowing she was doing it. She was a picture of adorable contrition, but it wasn’t going to get her out of trouble.

“All of it.”

Sakura had peeled off her uniform, but it was not enough. Her bra and panties soon followed and then she was as naked as naked could be, every inch of her body bared to Deven’s firm gaze.

“Look at me.”

Sakura raised her eyes to Deven and watched as her lover’s gaze travelled her body. For a long moment, Deven paused, just drinking her girlfriend’s beauty in. Soon there would be tears and slapping and heated flesh, but in that moment there was nothing but the quiet and the elegant curves of a body that was hers to take, to love, to protect as she saw fit.

Sitting on the bed, Deven reached for Sakura, pulling her into position. She could have asked Sakura to put herself in the right place, but there was a certain something to be gained from showing her girl just how easily she could be handled.

Despite her size, Sakura was one of the most physcally agile and strong women on the ship. But none of that mattered when she was sliding over Deven’s knee, her legs spread, one on either side of Deven’s thigh so that her mound acted as a fulcrum over which her bared bottom swayed.

Retro Lesbia Spank

The very first time Ayla spanked Atrocious… from the book Over Witch’s Knee, and the ongoing Lesbia Chronicles series.

“Are you always in the habit of spying on people?”

“Sometimes?” Atrocious answered the question with a question as her eyes darted around the room. She was looking for a way out, but Ayla was blocking her way fairly effectively. Sure she could have maybe pushed past her or applied a little more physical force if necessary but Atrocious was not given to outright aggression in most instances, and certainly not against beautiful ladies she’d recently seen in compromising situations. There was also the magic to consider, oh, and the fact that Ayla was bigger than she was. None of those things would help if worst came to worst.

“Someone should teach you a lesson,” Ayla purred, reaching out towards Atrocious with her fingers splayed. “A lesson in when to look and when not to look.”

“Listen, I…” Atrocious began to apologize, but before she could finish the sentence her vision went black. She uttered a shriek of fear, afraid that Ayla might have killed her and that she was looking into the void of her own non-existence, but a hand on her knee and a voice that was quickly becoming familiar spoke.

“Calm down.”

“Calm down?” Atrocious pawed at her eyes, trying to pry away whatever was preventing her from seeing. “I can’t see! I’m blind!”

An amused chuckle floated to her as the hand patted her knee. “It’s just a spell. It will wear off after a time.”

Atrocious could hear a smile in the woman’s voice. It did not make her feel any better about her situation. She took a deep breath. She was clearly dealing with a mad witch of one description or another. She was just going to have to play along until she got her sight back, then run like hell.

“Now, what shall we do to teach you a lesson?” Ayla asked. “You’re filthy you know. What have you been up to?” It was a rhetorical question hardly requiring an answer and the mud didn’t seem to dissuade Ayla as she slowly slid her hand up from Atrocious’s knee to her inner thigh.

Atrocious gulped. The outcome of this little interlude appeared to be all too clear as her body instinctively responded to Ayla’s touch. The pulsing arousal between her legs returned with a vengeance, reliance on her other senses heightened by her inability to see. She parted her legs slightly and moaned happily when Ayla slid her fingers all the way up and pressed her fingertips gently against Atrocious’ core for a moment.

Unfortunately the pleasant sensation was short lived. The fingers withdrew and the next thing Atrocious felt was a quick slap across her face. It was not hard enough to be truly aggressive, more like the swatting motion of a cat toying with its prey. Caught between desire and fear, Atrocious growled in response.

“Naughty,” Ayla noted in the darkness. “Very naughty.”

Before Atrocious could curse, the fingers returned between her legs. Ayla stroked through her britches, petting her pussy with a massaging motion that elicited soft moans. It was hard for Atrocious to stay angry when she felt so good, it was hard to be afraid when her hips were lifting off the chair and her mind was consumed with the desire to remove her pants.

Boldly, Atrocious reached down and shoved at the waistband of her britches, forcing them down over her behind. She was forced to clamp her thighs together a motion that ejected Ayla’s fingers, but it was the work of a moment to kick her muddied pants off and when she was done she spread her legs hopefully once more.

A delighted burst of laughter met the action. “A miscreant that takes her own pants down, fancy that.” Atrocious felt Ayla come closer, her breath soft on her ear. “I’d love to take you my dear, but first…” Atrocious cringed, expecting pain and recrimination. Maybe she was about to be beaten, or perhaps forced into hard labor. What Ayla actually said was worse. “You need a bath.”

Guided up from the chair still in a pronounced state of blindness, Atrocious was forced to listen to Ayla chide her over and over about all her sins.

“Such a filthy little wretch,” Ayla said, tugging Atrocious’ pants the rest of the way down her legs. “I can’t imagine how you got into such a state. You were up to no good, I’ll wager.

Atrocious kept her mouth shut, ignoring Ayla’s wagers. She was being undressed piece by piece, her defenses stripped away. Before long she was entirely naked before Ayla, who took casual advantage of the situation, running her hands over Atrocious’ body, cupping her breasts and squeezing her nipples. When Atrocious made a sound of complaint, Ayla responded with a quick slap to her bottom.

“Don’t whine, dear,” she said, squeezing Atrocious’s cheeks.

Atrocious blushed, she was being betrayed by her arousal, that’s what was going on. Ordinarily she would have never stood for being treated in such a casual, sexual way. Atrocious had long ago decided that she was the master of her own destiny and all attempts to dominate her since then had failed. But being blind and inordinately aroused was leaving her completely vulnerable to Ayla’s will in a way that made her feel prickly and uncomfortable. There was no way of even beginning to pretend that she was in control of the situation.

“You need a nice hot bath,” Ayla said. “But first I think you need a nice hot bottom.”

Atrocious had no idea what Ayla was talking about. There was the sound of a chair scraping back, then she felt herself being guided over Ayla’s skirts. Quite befuddled, she lay there naked as the day she was born and still streaked with mud, feeling the soft fabric of Ayla’s apron under her belly.

“So naughty,” Ayla said, patting her bottom. “You’ve not been spanked enough.”

“What?” Atrocious turned her heat towards Ayla even though the movement was useless to her. “No!”

But it was too late. Ayla had her where she wanted her and Atricious found herself pinned in place quite neatly indeed by Ayla’s strong arm. The spanking began gently with Ayla slapping Atrocious’s bare cheeks lightly, stinging her bottom but not really hurting her.

Atrocious squirmed in place over Ayla’s lap. She had expected a cruel beating, not this caressing warmth that tickled and stung and made her lower belly fizz with excitement and need. She found herself spreading her legs and Ayla immediately took advantage, tickling Atrocious’ pussy with the tips of her fingers in between slaps. Atrocious lifted her hips up to the sensation and before long, a searching finger was penetrating her, rubbing between her lips and slipping deep inside.

“This is a nice little cunt you have,” Ayla said. “It’s a pity you’re such a naughty little wench who needs a sore behind.”

With those words, Ayla began spanking a great deal harder. The sounds of her palm meeting Atrocious’ bare bottom echoed off the walls of the little cottage and Atrocious herself was forced to grab onto the leg of the chair and hang on for dear life as every hard slap threatened to send her sliding forward over Ayla’s lap. She was no longer enjoying herself in any way, it hurt, it really hurt and Ayla seemed to be enjoying that fact.

“You won’t peep in more windows, will you?” Alya lectured, vigorously laying her palm against Atrocious’ vulnerable bare bottom with punitive gusto.

Atrocious did not reply at first, she was far too busy yelping and squealing to form words. The only bright spot on the horizon was the fact that as the spanking went on, her sight slowly began to return. First the dark fog lifted a little, then, as her bottom pulsed with the thudding slaps, she began to make out objects in the room. She could see again! She could see!

Peachy Keen Spanking Stories from Peach :D

Peach has been writing her Cat and Stella series for over two years now, and it’s only gotten better. Check out the latest installment in this lesbian discipline spanking series:

It’s Saturday morning. Stella quietly rolled out of bed, careful not to awaken her cute girlfriend Cat. They stayed out late last night with Lucy and Lizzy, celebrating the end of school year for the two college girls. Today she had to work overtime in her law firm, finishing up some paperwork for an important case.

‘What a bummer.’ Stella thought to herself. ‘Though that’s what junior lawyers are supposed to do. It’s a rite of passage.’ She sighed and turned to her angelic Cat who looked so adorable and innocent in her sleep. Stella leaned over and gently planted a light kiss on her forehead before tiptoeing out of the room.


The Ladies From B.R.A.T

So, I’ve been doing a few things lately aside from taking pictures of kitties – though that has been one of my main pastimes. One is I started a series on SKF called The Ladies from B.R.A.T.

It begins thuserly:

“It’s worse than we expected.” Lieutenant May Livingstone bit her fingernail right down to the quick, then wished she hadn’t.

Colonel Jane West, a robust woman with an auburn bouffant and a penchant for red lipstick, nodded in agreement. It was indeed worse than they had expected. It was also better than they had expected. That was because they had not expected anything at all. The discovery of something where nothing was supposed to be made things simultaneously better and / or worse, depending on how you looked at it. In space, perspective was everything.

Both women wore the simple navy blue uniforms of the Coalition, heavy blue coats buttoned diagonally from left to right across their chests. Colonel West wore the badge of the gold carnation, indicating her rank. Lieutenant Livingstone had two silver daisies pinned to the lengthy lapel under her chin, indicating her relative lack of rank.

Locked firmly in orbit, those aboard the coalition ship Archimedes had an excellent view of the surface of planet Sub-Beta-69. It was supposed to be an uninhabited, albeit potentially life bearing planet suitable for carbon based life forms. It was supposed to be the next port of call in a chain of galaxy wide rest-stops. Once the coalition work teams got down there, there’d be a few convenience stores, a couple of space toilets, some place to recharge the reactors, that sort of thing. Maybe a mall.

But the great stone pyramids clearly visible through the Archimedes’ long range cameras were currently putting paid to that idea. Sitting in the middle of a verdant grassy plane otherwise inhabited by ungulates, three large triangular monoliths rose into the clear sky.

“Patricia,” Colonel West said. “Give me an analysis of those rocks.”

“Calcium oxide. Silicone. Aluminum. Limestone. In other words, concrete. Not rocks.”

The ship’s computer spoke with a bland tone that still managed to be snippy. Patricia, short for PAT, short for Personal Android Thinking Machine, had been designed by the late, great Martha Stalwart. Somehow, no matter how many times PAT was calibrated, she retained a certain snotty quality. Some said PAT was haunted by the spirit of Martha Stalwart herself. Certainly PAT had more opinions on lace doilies than the average ship’s computer, and suggested using pine cones as centerpieces at every single meal time in defiance of the fact that the nearest pine tree was a good four human generations away.

“Concrete,” Colonel West said, tapping long, manicured fingernails against the console. “What does that tell you?”

“An advanced civilization,” May said. “But where are they?”

“Extinct, perhaps.”

“Not extinct,” Patricia cut in.

“Are you reading signs of humanoid life?”


“What, then?”

“The lawns have been mown recently.”

PAT zoomed in on the strips of grass around the pyramids. Sure enough, there were the tell-tale signs of a well mowed lawn. Sixteen light years away from planet Earth, someone was landscaping.

Wow. Such Story!


Two things. One, Lesbia has been updating, which you may not be aware of if you haven’t gone to and subscribed to the updates there.

Two, I’ve finally got a handle on how this SKF forum story is going to work. If you’re interested in being involved or seeing what’s going to happen, go and check out the SKF Forum , post title ‘Le Story’.

Cuffs @ #30 In Lesbian Romance!

Woo! Thanks so much to everyone who picked up Cuffs so far. The book is currently sitting at #60 #30 #22 for Lesbian Romance on, which is awesome. It’s also at #18 #15 in the ‘Hot New Lesbian Releases’ section.

UPDATE: Cuffs is now at #4 in the UK for Lesbian Romance, and #7 overall in the general Lesbian category!

UPDATE UPDATE: I realize posts like this look braggy as fuck, but that’s not the point of them. The reason I get so excited when these books do well is because they’re my favorite to write and the better they do, the more I get to write of them. So thank you all, again. ‘Cause your awesomeness makes this awesomeness possible.

It has been a really long time since I wrote an entirely new lesbian romance – the last entirely new lesbian romance story I wrote was actually Trinity in Trouble back in December 2011. Of course the Rigel and Lesbia series have been written since then, but this is the first stand-alone piece in two years.

And I love it.

I love all my books and characters of course, I wouldn’t write them if I didn’t, but I really enjoyed these two characters and their dynamic, which is highly erotically charged but also very emotionally engaged. The romance between Jerry and Lara really flowed and their contrasting natures were fun to write.

Thank you again, everyone, for your support. You all rock!

Cuffs (Lesbians Dangereux) Lesbian Romance

It’s here! It’s here! Really, it is!

cuffs lesbian romance

Jerry Schwartz is an undercover, plain clothes, and just plain trouble police officer. Part of the vice squad, she’s always been happy slumming it in the underworld – until a routine traffic stop puts her at odds with a beautiful woman who turns out to be her new boss.

Lara Ashcroft is a British expat with a talent for firm, but fair leadership. Brought in to whip the Belfort vice unit into shape, she expects resistance from much of the squad – but she doesn’t expect to fall in love with its most difficult member on her very first day.

Accustomed to running rings around an indifferent chain of command, Jerry has some adjusting to do when it comes to Lara’s strict new regime. And Lara? Well Lara might just have met her match.

Now on Amazon! Click here to buy or get a sample!

Hot Fries | Lesbian Romance Coming Soon :D

I’m getting very close to releasing the new ebook! It’s very contemporary, very romantic and very erotic. That’s three verys. Here’s another excerpt from the soon to be finished and soon to be titled book…

Drop made, Jerry felt more like her old self. Nothing like spending a little time rubbing shoulders with the raw edge of society to make her feel alive. On the way back to Belmont, she stopped at a drive-through and picked up some food. Chocolate thickshake, cheeseburger and fries. Thinking of Lara, she picked up an extra burger and fries and a diet soda. That trim figure of Lara’s didn’t come from full sugar sodas.
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Something New, Coming Soon!

Did you know that it has been six months since I released any new original F/F ebooks? (Not counting the Lesbia series, of course.) I think it is high time to fix that. I plan on having a new F/F spanking romance out before Christmas, featuring a couple of lovers you may have met recently in The Biting Brat.

Here’s an excerpt in which our lovers first meet. Because there’s nothing like a good ‘How I Met My Lover’ story, is there?

Stay tuned for this book, which will be available sometime in the next week or so. I may or may not have been working on it since my imagination was fired by these two ladies. 😉


Jerry remembered the day they met like it was yesterday. It was a hot enough to fry a bunny’s balls day in the middle of June. She’d been speeding along an arterial street when flashing lights in the rear view mirror put a kink in an otherwise decent drive.

After cursing for a bit, then pulling to a stop, she lowered the window, left her hands at ten and two and waited for the officer to approach. Sure enough, a female officer with shapely hips and a nice rack soon sauntered out of the cop car and made her way to Jerry’s window.

The first words out of her mouth were classic. “Do you know why I pulled you over?”

Jerry smirked up at the mirrored glasses. “Why, did you forget?”
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Happy Birthday, DD!

It’s DD’s birthday! And for her birthday I wrote her a little something with her favorite character from the Rigel series and she was generous enough to allow me to share it with everybody. So here you go, a little word cake for DD’s birthday!


Class with Tank

It was a late Novemberish morning and Tank was at the gym as usual. She’d worked at the gym for as long as she could remember and she’d used it for even longer than that. Every single one of those many days showed in her strong, toned, broad shouldered physique. Though there was undeniable bulk to her frame, Tank was pretty in her own way. Short blonde hair was cropped close to her head, framing kind blue eyes and a gentle smile. She did not wear an abundance of makeup and her clothes were simple. It was an attempt to be unassuming. It didn’t work. Even without typical feminine trappings, she was eye catching.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The repetitive slamming of the front counter bell drew Tank out of the office. The early gym goers had already settled into their workouts. She hoped it wasn’t one of them banging at the bell as if the place were on fire. If it was, stern words would have to be had.

As it turned out, it was not one of the regulars bashing away at the bell. It was a stranger, a smiling young lady batting at the little nubbin atop the bell with all the enthusiasm of a kitten.
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All My Books On Sapphic Kink

loki renard lesbian spanking books

pippin of Sapphic Kink has been more than kind and created a beautiful page which showcases all my F/F stories in one place. It’s super pretty, and contains every single F/F ebook I’ve written, including some of the very early works. Click on the cover picture to be taken to the information page for that book, and on the cover again to be taken to the purchasing link. Thank you, pippin!

Check out my page on Sapphic Kink 🙂

RIGEL: The Completely Collected Collection

rigel collection

A lesbian love story spanning two decades,’Rigel’ follows the fortunes of four unique women as they live, love, and drive one another mad with adventures in monogamy, attempts at polygamy and the pursuit of real romance (with a touch of much needed discipline on the side.)

If you’ve already read all the Rigel-ing books, this won’t be of much super interest to you, but if you haven’t, then this is a good opportunity to pick ’em up. The Rigel series is something of a fan favorite, featuring some wonderfully toppy tops, but a good dose of angst and romantic mistakery as well.

If you have read the series already and want to drop over to Amazon and say how awesome it all is, that would be super lovely too. Reviews make Ther Loki happy 😀

Get thee to the Amazon and sate thy spanky impulses!