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The base’s alarms go off yet again, in what seems to be such a frequent occurrence that you’re starting to think you’ll hear the clanging in your dreams.

“Don’t move,” Grisham says as you pull the pillow off your head. “That will be Terra’s brat, I guarantee it.” She clenches her jaw and shakes her head, looking thoroughly pissed off. “I should have known that scared little girl act was a front. I’m going to tear her ass up.”

She rushes out of the door with a determined expression on her face. You sit up, wait for a second or two then go scrambling for your panties and bra. Grabbing them from the bed and floor you put them both back on, glad for the scraps of fabric covering your sensitive regions.


Just as you get your butt covered, a ceiling tile drops out and hits the floor a few feet away.

“Goddamit!” You curse in surprise as Sarah comes sliding down through the ceiling. She has bundle of stuff under her arm which she tosses at you. It falls open to reveal an undershirt and a pair of black tactical overalls. She’s got boots for you too, strung around her neck.

“Put these on and come with me,” she says, tossing them in your general direction. “We’re getting out of here.” Continue reading

Free Book: The Brats of St Bestoras

I’ve decided to start making some of my older F/F titles free, because why not? Long time readers will recognize these titles, but they may be new to some of the newer readers, so as the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm, but the sleepy panda gets a free ebook. Or something like that, right? The Brats of St Bestoras is a fun F/F spanking story with witches, magic and dragons what fit in your pocket.

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PT 73: Damn Pants

“Gimme some damn pants,” you insist. “I’ve been good enough for long enough.”

“Oh have you?” Grisham shakes her head at you. “Girl, I’m tempted to keep you in nothing but your panties for a month just for talking like that.”

She’s got her hands on her hips again, her eyes slightly narrowed at you. Her jaw is set firmly and she cuts an intimidating figure. But that doesn’t scare you like it does Sarah – a fact you’re starting to feel sort of proud of. Sarah’s not afraid of death, but she is afraid of Grisham. So if you’re not afraid of Grisham, maybe you’re not afraid of anything.
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PT 72: Justice?

You don’t know what to say. Grisham being like Sarah is a huge surprise, but some things are starting to make sense now, like why she doesn’t need much sleep, and maybe even why Terra wants her in the unit.

“What would you do to me?” You answer Grisham’s question with a question.

“If you spoke to me like that, I’d bare that ass and spank your butt red,” Grisham says.

Sarah looks nervous. She’s kind of cute when she’s nervous. Her big blue eyes go even bigger as she cringes in Grisham’s grasp. You’re pretty sure Sarah has never been spanked before. She sure acts like it.

“Hey, I was just playing. I mean I didn’t know what you were,” she says, trying to get out of trouble.
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PT 71: Consequences? What Are Those?

OOOPS! Sorry, didn’t mean to take this down. I was writing the next post on my phone while lying in bed and I must have accidentally moved this one to the trash while I was ordering my drafts :/ It’s those tiny smartphone keyboards what does this sort of thing!

“I try,” you say with a sad little smile. “I hope Boris is okay.”

“We’ve got a crack surgical team here. He’s in good hands,” Grisham reassures you. “And I’ll make sure you see him before he leaves,” she adds. “I think he’ll be awake before they transport, they usually are.”

“Thank you,” you nod. There’s a brief moment of silence in which you think about maybe just letting what happened between Grisham and Terra go, but you can’t. “She’s not normally that bad,” you say. “Terra, I mean.”

“You don’t have to defend her,” Grisham says, stiffening slightly. “And you don’t have to apologize for her either. This isn’t your problem to worry about.”
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PT 70: Good Girl

There’s a long silence in which Grisham does not reply. She looks at Terra with her jaw set, her strong arms crossed over her chest, and a stony expression on her face. Grisham is taller and much broader than Terra, and though you can’t imagine her being easily provoked into a physical confrontation, she has to be sorely tempted.

Terra looks at you, as if to gauge your reaction. You look back at her, deeply unhappy. You don’t know what happened to the Terra you knew at the academy, but you’d like her back. The Terra you knew was gracious, composed, and above all, kind. This Terra is snarky, mean and domineering. Somehow that sentiment must be manifesting itself in your expression, because it seems to snap her back to reality.
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PT 69: The Alpha

You shrink back a little in your seat and shake your head almost imperceptibly. As much as you’re happy to see Terra, what has happened to Boris, not to mention how much care Grisham has shown you makes you reluctant to leave her side. What if you’re whisked off somewhere else and never see her again?

“I think you and I should talk first, ma’am,” Grisham says.

“Oh, you do?” Terra turns to Grisham, holding herself tall and speaking in an icy tone.

“Yes, ma’am,” Grisham says with taut professionalism. “You left your cadet in my care and I’ve done what I could for her over the last day or so, but she needs a lot more than what I can give her in twenty four hours.”
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PT 68: Bad News

“There’s something I need to tell you,” Terra says, blithely unaware of, or uninterested in Grisham’s expression. “Sit down.”

She guides you into the arm chair with a serious look on her face. There’s a heaviness in the air you’re suddenly aware of and really don’t like. You start to feel worried.
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PT 67: Knock Knock


A siren erupts across the base, loud enough to penetrate the inner walls and rooms. You lift your head, eyes wide.

“I didn’t do anything, I swear!”

“That’s the alert for an inbound med evac,” Grisham says dryly. “Nothing to do with you.”

“Oh,” you lay back down again. “Good, I guess.”
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PT 66: Such A Brat

“Not talking to me, huh?” You can hear a smile in Grisham’s voice. “You’re such a brat, I swear to god.”

“Am not,” you mutter into the bedding.

“Oh yes you are. You practically beg for a spanking and when you get it, you pout. Well you can cut out the sulking, because it’s not going to work with me. I gave you a choice. Ask me nicely to make it feel better, or you can go stand back in the corner again.”

You let out a little whimpering whine. Grisham really doesn’t let you get away with anything. It’s so unfair. And it makes you squirm where you lie, your hips moving in a little wriggle dance you really can’t seem to contain.
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PT 65: Aftercare

After what seems like another small eternity, you hear Grisham clear her throat.

“Alright,” she says. “Turn around and face me.”

You do so slowly, keeping your hands on your head. Facing her is worse than facing the wall. The wall doesn’t sit there looking at you with an expression that makes you want to melt into the floor. Looking at the wall doesn’t remind you that you’re at risk of being taken over its hard lamp and spanked to tears. The wall doesn’t make you feel seven kinds of squirmy and embarrassed.
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PT 64: Naughty Girl In The Corner

I now return you to your narrative of misbehavior and its consequences…

Whipping girl for everyone on the island? Goddamn. As sore and miserable as you are, that paints a hell of a picture. Grisham’s harsh words echo in your ears as she stands over you, casting a shadow over your red bottomed form.

“Toxic dump? It makes this place sound bad when you say it that way,” you mumble.

There’s a pause and you risk a glance over your shoulder. Grisham is trying not to laugh, you can see it in the way her cheek twitches.

“You’re a fucking smart ass,” she snorts. “But it’s only going to get you in a world of hurt. Now get your nose back in that corner already before I start over with you.”
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