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A Well Overdue Punishment…

“You’d better do as she says,” Hope sighed. “Or one of us will end up sore.”

“I don’t fear soreness,” Nive said boldly. I am not afraid of…”

What she was not afraid of remained a secret, for Ayla, tiring of the discussion had taken a firm hold of Nive, and used that firm hold to toss Nive over the bed face down. Her long witchly palm met Nive’s rear in a solid slap which made Nive’s ample bottom jiggle in a very appealing fashion, her skirt riding up as she squirmed, exposing bare flesh with every kick and wriggle.

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Trouble in the fortress…


The young scout came crawling out from a pile of hay in the corner of the stable to find a very tall, rather irritated looking witch looking down at her.

“Where is Nive?”

Hope gestured back at the hay. “Sleeping.”

“This is your notion of guarding a prisoner, is it?” Ayla looked down at the blue eyed scout with a certain indulgent humor.

“Well I know where she is,” Hope shrugged. “I think that counts.”

“Did you have that wound tended to as yet?”

“Haven’t had a chance,” Hope said. “I’ve been doing important guarding work.”

“You’ve been rutting,” Ayla said. “You two barely know one another.”

“We know each other rather well now,” Hope grinned unrepentantly. “Would you like me to get Princess Nive for you?”

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Ayla’s Temper…

Ayla came to consciousness in quite a temper. The glow of coital bliss had abated completely with Ariadne’s return and in its place was a cold fire. It was strange to be so relieved and yet so very, very angry at the same time. When she had thought Ariadne was dead, she had mourned deeply. Now that the goddess was there in the flesh, she felt the pain of the wound inflicted by that immortal hand all over again.

“Leave,” she said in cold tones. “You are not welcome here.”

Ariadne looked at her steadily, gold flecked eyes giving no emotion away as the dark lines swirled beneath her skin.

“Go!” Ayla picked up a pillow and threw it at Ariadne. The petulant act had little effect on the mother of all witches. Instead of striking her it flew very wide, hit the wall and slid down it.

Back to Lesbia….

“Well,” Ariadne said with a slight smirk at Ayla’s insensate form. “It’s good to make a worthy entrance.”

“You have not been dead at all, have you,” Kira said accusingly, wrapping a sheet over her naked body in the pursuit of modesty. She did Ayla a similar favor, tossing the coverlet over the witch’s ample curves.

“Nothing and nobody dies, Kira,” Ariadne said in tones which were just shy of testy. “It is a persistent illusion at best.”

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Rejected Princesses

I’ve spent the better part of the week cleaning up after the hack, but I found this website I’m pretty sure a lot of you will really enjoy. It’s called Rejected Princesses and it’s an artistic rendering of historical and mythical women who were too awesome or awful to become part of the grand cultural narrative.

The story of Lyudmila Pavlichenko is not a pretty one, but it is a moving one and it’s beautifully told through these images, plus you can read a bunch more interesting tales of badass women on the site. So if you’re looking for something to fill a slow Sunday afternoon, hopefully this will suffice.

Click here to learn the tale of the deadliest female sniper in history…

lyudmilapavlichenko rejected princess

How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 22: Pants and Panties Down

Strangely, Anna couldn’t pull her own pants and panties down. Physically she could, but baring herself for Tamsan’s little disciplinary scenario was somehow too difficult. It was only a game, of course. This wasn’t really about being in real trouble… so why did she feel so damn tingly all over, so small and so vulnerable?

“I’ll help,” Tamsan said, putting her hands on Anna’s hips and drawing the fabric down over her bottom. There was a rush of cool air, followed by warmth as Tamsan laid her palm across bare cheeks.

“That feels nice,” Anna wriggled her cheeks back and forth beneath Tamsan’s palm. Tamsan’s hand slid back and forth, caressing gently with a tender care that didn’t seem to indicate any impending intention to impart discomfort.
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How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 21: For Her Own Good

“Sure you can,” Tamsan pressed a kissed to the same cheek, replacing the tears with the butterfly soft touch of her lips. “And if you don’t, well I’ll whip your behind until you do.”

Anna looked up to see if she was joking. The kindly look in Tamsan’s eye told her that she was.

“You’ve had enough for one day,” she said reassuringly. “Let’s just go inside, actually eat something and talk, okay?”

That sounded good, which made Anna burst into tears.

“I don’t deserve you to be so nice!”

“Yes, you do,” Tamsan reassured her. “You’ll feel better once you eat. You barely touched dinner.”

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How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 20: Tough Talk

Putting one arm on her hip whilst keeping a firm hold of the lash with her other, Tamsan explained. “Nothing’s wrong with me. I just don’t take kindly to mouthy brats thinking they can say what they like without consequences. You’ve been picking at me all day, missy.”

The last part was true. Anna had been at Tamsan all day, but she hadn’t expected any real retaliation. Certainly not with her pants down.

“Is this how people deal with disagreements where you’re from?”

“If we were dealing with this the way people deal with it where I’m from, your little ass would be bright red and you’d be standing in the corner until I said otherwise.”

“Oh, so you come from the dark ages,” Anna snapped. “Need help finding your way back to your time machine?” Continue reading

How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 19: Appealing To A Deity

“Well…” Anna was about to launch into a tirade of her own, but Tamsan cut her off.

“Get on the horse before you get in trouble, cowgirl.”

Following her better judgment, Anna mounted up again. What followed was a bunch of riding, a bunch more looking at cows and an ache in her butt that left her very ill-tempered and slow to respond to Tamsan’s increasingly curt instructions. They were getting on one another’s nerves and Anna was really quite surprised when Tamsan asked her back to her place at the end of the day.

“You want me to come over?”

“Mhm,” Tamsan sat erect in the saddle, looking down at Anna with an enigmatic expression. “I think you and I better spend some time together tonight.”

“If you say so.” Anna shrugged and sloped off to get a shower. It wasn’t the most gracious way to accept an invitation, but she was tired and grumpy and all out of polite. Continue reading

How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 18: City Brat

“Wake up,” Tamsan nudged Anna out of sleep. It was a tactical error, for if there was one thing Anna liked less than getting up in the morning, it was being woken before sunrise.


“We need to get to work.”

“You need to get to work. I need to get at least three hours more sleep.” Anna pulled the covers over her head. Tamsan pulled them back down.

“You need to get up,” she insisted. “The cattle need to be…”

“You deal with it,” Anna said, tugging the blankets back up again.

“I’ll deal with you.” Tamsan’s tone had turned a bit grim. Continue reading

How To Catch a Cowgirl | Lesbian Western, PT 17: A Hot Shower

Under the flow of the water, Anna let her fingers drift between her thighs as she leaned back against the shower wall. The detachable shower head was in her other hand, directed towards the sensitive mound, beating with hot wet intensity over her mons. Her fingers did the rest, sliding inside her body where a different kind of moisture was brimming. She did not waste time teasing herself as Tamsan would. She pleasured herself with abandon, thrusting her fingers inside her body as the water drummed on her clit. Orgasm followed quickly, leaving her wet and sleepy. She fixed that by drying herself off and taking a nap.

The nap was eventually interrupted by Tamsan, who must have taken a shower herself, for she was naked and still slightly damp when Anna became aware of her presence. Continue reading