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Awww, Sweetest Reviews Ever!

Thank you to Sparrow and a mysterious Amazon Customer for two wonderful reviews of Clockwork Goddess 😀 As everyone who has been reading here for the last few years knows, the Chronicles of Lesbia are a passion of mine, a project which has been running for almost four years and spawned three books in that time.

Anything that goes on for that long becomes part of one’s life. The story has been a constant throughout that time, a place to go when other places weren’t always so friendly. It’s always been my hope that Lesbia might be more than just a made up fantasy land, but a refuge for those who occasionally need a world away from the world. A land where magic is real and witches rule and there’s always a spanking where one is needed.

I so appreciate everyone who got a copy, and those who left reviews, or may do so in the future, thank you!

Here are the two reviews left thus far, they are so generous and so clearly written by two people who get what these stories are about. I am deeply touched by them both.

Amazon Customer says:

Ms. Renard’s funny, intelligent use of words, as well as her excellent character development, put her ahead of many other authors of fiction, spanking/erotica, and fantasy. I have read 97% of her writings available on the internet, and will continue to do so as long as we both shall live…

Sparrow says:

This long awaited third adventure in Lesbia seems more like a prequel than a sequel to me, ending with the promise of New Beginnings in a whole new world-order for Lesbia, and further adventures for my favorite characters, Ayla and Kira. This third book in the series, with its secrets shrouded in mysteries, events directed by the most unexpected forces, and astonishing twists of fate that come without hint or warning, typical of stories by Loki Renard, kept me on the edge of my seat and unable to put it aside until the very last word. There are questions answered in this tale, and even more questions remaining, as Ayla and Kira continue their adventures in this mystical, magical, evolving place called Lesbia. I think this is a must-read primer for what is to come. I do love this series!

EDIT: Additional thanks to ‘a reader‘ for another awesome review, it’s so lovely to see people enjoying the book so much, thank you!

A Girl Named Jimmy, PT 2: A Naughty Magpie

“The world is a weird place,” Jimmy snapped. “Suck it up, buttercup.”

Mrs Thwaites did not respond immediately. She sat quietly serene and let the moment be. Jimmy was not quite so patient. She pushed out from under the table and sat up on the carpet.

“You don’t care what I do, do you? You get paid either way.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t wish to sit on the couch,” Mrs Thwaites replied. “I do wonder as to the significance of your choice, and your anger at my lack of concern.”

“I’m not angry,” Jimmy lied.
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The Third Lesbia Book Is Here!

Meet Clockwork Goddess… the third book in the popular Lesbia series. It’s out now! It’s all done! It’s ready for your eyes! Hurray! I am so happy that this is finally out, Lesbia is one of my great passions and I hope you will enjoy reuniting with Ayla and Kira in this full length novel. 😀

clockwork goddess lesbian fantasy novel loki renard

In a world where strict royal matriarchy rules, order is kept by way of public thrashings, and magic is ferreted out wherever it hides, it’s difficult for a legendary witch like Ayla to get any peace.

All she wants is a quiet life in her little forest home. But with a warrior banging at her door demanding she take care of not one but two clever miscreants, one a herbalist who prefers nudity to clothing, the other a wily intellectual whose quiet demeanor belies a volatile temperament – not to mention a civil war about to break out, Ayla is going to have to put her plans on hold.

As a young queen bears down on the witch and her friends, Ayla finds herself trying to wrangle as disparate a group of misbehaved rebels as ever took up arms. Fortunately she has the famous warrior Kira by her side, helping to impart a little discipline as fate and forces beyond any of their control put every innocent in Lesbia in danger.

To save herself and those she loves, Ayla is forced to face a past she thought she’d left behind, discover a family she never knew – and to find the indomitable strength which exists inside a frail young mortal named Vix, who matters more than anyone imagines.

Get your copy here 😀

A Girl Named Jimmy, PT 1 : An Angry Coffee Table

We begin again! This story begins more or less where Mature Women left off. I was going to wait a while, but then I decided not to. The impulsiveness works both ways!

“What are you doing?” Therapist, Mrs Thwaites appeared to be addressing an empty room. It was a very nice room, tastefully appointed with soothing decor and therapeutic tapestries, but it was not the sort of room which needed to be questioned by a therapist. Under most circumstances the questioning of the room would probably have constituted cause for some rather serious therapy in and of itself. Fortunately, Mrs Thwaites had not lost her mind, instead she was addressing her latest and most difficult client.

“Therapy.” Jimmy’s voice came from somewhere near the floor.
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Thank you, lovely readers!

Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of Mature Women, you are super awesome! And extra thanks to those who have or intend to leave a nice review on Amazon. I appreciate the time it takes to do that 😀

I’m going to be continuing the adventures of Erin, Monica, Leslie and Jimmy over the coming months, so I guess there won’t be much time for recipes for vegan cupcakes made out of recycled plastic shoes. So that niche is wide open if you want to start a blog on that subject.

Fans of the Lesbia series will also be happy to know that I am inching ever closer to finishing the third book. It’s taking time, but that is what things have a tendency to do, absorb time like fluffy sponges. (Or fluffy rugs, fluffy rugs are all the rage here, and they’re completely impractical. A good tight weave is what you want in your floor coverings, with a top quality underlay for soft underfoot feel.)

The next instalment of Mature Women will effectively spoilerise the end of the book, so I will hold off on that for a little while to enable everyone to get around to getting a copy if they want. If you don’t, that’s okay too, you’ll work everything out using the powers of context and subtle recaps.

Mature Women Get Their Spankings

mature women lesbian spanking story

“Naughty girl.”

Playfully chastising words were growled huskily into the delicate ear of a curvaceous woman on the receiving end of a vigorous erotic strumming, strands of dark hair falling into her panting mouth as she thrust her hips up against the body of her lover, an older woman with intense eyes and agile fingers.

Monica’s rear was painted red with the aftermath of a previous interlude, her cheeks blushing hot as Erin’s fingers plunged inside her time and time again, urging her toward a panting, screaming, hair flailing climax which shook her to her core. Milky breasts heaved as Monica gasped for air, flat on her back, pink nipples rampant as the last quivering tremors passed through her generous abdomen and thighs.

“I need to misbehave more often,” she said, her lips parting in a broad smile.

Erin slid over Monica’s prone body, her taut frame all lithe lines and ripples. “You misbehave quite enough,” she said, lifting her finger to tap Monica’s nose. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

Monica smiled, cat like, her lashes closing slowly over a devilish expression. “Never.”

Erin reached down where Monica’s bent knee left her butt exposed and slapped Monica’s generous rear with a firm hand. “Never?”

“Ouch,” Monica pouted. “Haven’t you had enough of that yet?”

“I think it’s you who hasn’t had enough,” Erin said, repeating the treatment. Hot sting flashed through Monica’s heated, exhausted flesh. Her lips parted in a moan as Erin swatted her backside, squirming, but not blocking access to her bottom, which she could have done easily enough simply by lowering her leg.

Her clit was throbbing, but it wasn’t just an erotic interlude. It was more than that. Every single time Erin’s hand landed on Monica’s bottom, Monica was reminded of just how much she was in Erin’s care. Erin was not a soft woman or an easy lover. She was a hard-nosed lawyer with more than a touch of butch about her and she could be intimidating, but Monica never felt as safe as she did when she was under Erin’s body, held in Erin’s arms.

“Eeeep!” She let out a little squeaking cry. “Okay,” she relented as her bottom blushed bright red. “I’ll be good for now.”

“For now, huh?” Erin shook her head. “I guess that’s the best I can expect from you, isn’t it, brat.”

Her fingers traced lightly over the hot flesh of Monica’s rear, tender touch relieving some of the sting. As Monica tried to formulate a reply, Erin’s fingers slid around the curve of her cheeks and found the sweet pouch of her pussy, her lips still flowering wetly from a multitude of orgasms. Again, Erin started teasing her there, tracing her outer lips with a slow, tantalizing touch which made Monica’s clit stand to attention, an eager, greedy little bud hiding between the puffy folds of her labia.

“Again?” Monica asked the question half-hopeful, half-worried. Her pussy was aching from Erin’s attentions, slightly sore from a vigorous session of lovemaking. She knew that look in Erin’s eyes though, Erin wasn’t done with her yet.

“Again,” Erin confirmed, slowly letting her finger drift inside Monica’s womanly chalice, stirring the warm juices in slow swirls as Monica once more lifted her hips and surrendered herself to…


Mature Women, the book, is available right now! Complete with hot new scenes and a happy ending. Click here to get your copy!

F.Y.I *Forthcoming Spanky Material Warning*

I’m going to be wrapping up the Mature Woman Seeks Spanking story very soon. I’ve been working on making an extended, edited version with extra erotic spanking scenes and such and an ending of sorts too. Launching a book involves taking down most of the posts on the site, so if you’re particularly attached to them, feel free to make your own copies for your own personal use. (It occurred to me that it might be nice if I gave people warning this was going to happen.)

I’d appreciate if you’ve got the means, getting a copy of the ebook when it comes out, ’cause that keeps the site going and makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. I plan to continue the tale of Erin, Leslie, Monica and Jimmy* after the ebook launches, so there will always be more to read here. It’s not the end. It’s only the end of the beginning.

(*Unless there turns out to be 0 demand for it, in which case this blog will be replaced by a series of recipes for vegan cupcakes made out of recycled plastic shoes.)

One Of My New Favorites…

Because I live in a pineapple under the sea, it takes me a while to discover things and people that others have known about for ages, but Amy Schumer is one of my new favorites, and here she is saying things. You should check her out saying other things too. She says things most excellently and to great amusing effect.

Marriage Equality Comes To America

Marriage equality has swept the US finally, after a very long struggle, and some painful set backs in which states tried constitutionally banning the right for same sex couples to marry, or allowed marriage for all of two seconds and then unmarried people who were pretty sure they were totally married, the SCOTUS has finally gotten on board, realized what year it is and come to the party to settle the issue once and for all.

There is no doubt in my mind that future generations will look back on the era when marriage was reserved for male/female couples with the same kind of horror we now do when contemplating things like apartheid. And though the world often seems like a dark, weird place with horrible people doing horrible things, today it got a little better for everyone. Not just for gay and lesbian people, but for everyone.

We can’t truly love if we’re denying that same love to others. We can’t be equal if some are less equal. We can’t wander around patting ourselves on the back for being super advanced and civilized when we’re allowing an underclass based on nothing more than sexuality to suffer next to us.

This is a great day. It’s also a day that came far, far too late for so many people. And there is something bittersweet about it, because even though that particular battle is won, it’s a battle that should never have to have been fought. And the fates and lives of so many hundreds of thousands of people should never have been in the hands of legislators, politicians or even ultimately nine people in black robes.

While we haven’t ascended into an egalitarian utopia without nonsense authority figures sticking their fingers into people’s private lives (that’s not scheduled until May of 2025), at least the regime has come to the party with a positive decision for once.

Congratulations to all those in the USA who fought so hard for so long, you deserve this. You always deserved it. And I am so, so glad you have it.

Sappho’s Brats Audience Analysis

From somewhere in the depths of Tumblr. Would love to cite the source, but can't find it.

From somewhere in the depths of Tumblr. Would love to cite the source, but can’t find it.

Recent polling has suggested that 60-ish% of Sappho’s Brats readers would likely get themselves spanked with a belt if they were left to their own devices post hand spanking.

18% would cut their losses and behave themselves, and 18% approve of cold dairy butt soothers. (Which is what they call a hidden niche market.)

A smaller percentage are interested in the lost art of ass sculpture, and an equal number are interested in the equitable distribution of spanking.

You can’t buy insights like this.