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Kira Gets Mean…

The warrior’s hand closed around Ayla’s wrist. “Not now,” she said with a sigh which sounded regretful. “And stop trying to manipulate me with sex. It won’t work.”

“Are you sure?” Ayla flashed a bright smile and for a moment, looked many hundreds of years younger than her age, her left brow raised in a playful, inviting expression which Kira seemed to find difficult to resist.

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Chain of Command

“We have one source of intelligence we have not tapped,” Kira said when Ayla let her speak once more. She was breathless from the extended kiss, and there was a certain pink flush over her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, but she was still mentally focused on the task at hand. “Nive. We should interrogate her.”

Ayla shook her head, blonde strands flowing loosely. “That seems…”

“This is war, Ayla,” Kira interrupted. “You wanted war and that makes Nive a prisoner. She should be thoroughly interrogated so we can be certain that there will be no surprises.

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Snapchat Ayla

So I was messing around with snapchat (as everyone is mandated to do now that it is the current year) and it grabbed the latest Ayla illustration from my images and made it one of the options in the ‘photo swap’ section. The result was… half disturbing abomination / half strangely compelling – and that’s totally my aesthetic!

ayla faceswap

There’s more Lesbia art coming too, so stay tuned. I am full of ideas and fancies, you know.

A Lover’s Quarrel In Lesbia…

“I will go and recover the elf,” Kira said. “You stay here, keep the fortress running smoothly and try not to provoke Ariadne too much.”

Ayla’s expression was grim as she beheld the bristling warrior. “I don’t like your tone, Kira.”

“I don’t care for your behavior,” Kira replied. “It’s reckless.”

“I haven’t done anything yet,” Ayla pointed out calmly.

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The conversation continues…

“You may give orders to your soldiers. You will take them from me.”

Kira narrowed her eyes at the witch. “Do I tell you what herbs to use in your potions? No. Do not tell me how to conduct a war. If this place is to be defended, I am the best person to command that defense. You may come out on top in the bed, Ayla, but you are trifling with the lives of many here.”

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A Warrior’s Wisdom…

“I don’t think my wardrobe is the place to look…” Kira said after watching Ayla go through her clothing for some time. “We’re not the same size. Or shape.”

“No,” Ayla agreed with a small sigh. “I suppose not. I will have to have something suitable made.”

“So Nive’s father has found her? Here? You think he will come to this place?”

“So Ariadne says,” Ayla said. “I am inclined to believe her. She says there is an elf with him.”

“An elf you know?”

“That she did not say.”

“We should send scouts,” Kira said pragmatically. “We need to know how many men he is bringing and what weapons they bear. In war, the priority is not clothing, Ayla.”

“Do I sense reproach in your tone, Kira?” Ayla raised a fine brow in the warrior’s direction.

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Lesbia just got real…

If you’ve been following the latest Lesbia updates, you may have gotten a sense that there is some change in the air. The new Lesbia artwork reflects that. A portion of it can now be seen on the main page. Thanks to pippin for the bold and wonderful title lettering work 😀 (The cover for the next book has knocked my socks off, and you’re about to get a taste of that after the jump.)

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A Witch And A Wardrobe

One can never trust witches, especially in conjunction with closets…

“Hello, my dear,” Ayla said as she walked into Kira’s room, interrupting the warrior at her work. The sound of steel on stone stopped abruptly as Kira cast a curious look at the witch.

Ayla had left Nive chortling with glee at the prospect of her father’s invasion and returned to the tower to attend to more important matters. She seemed taller than before, holding herself erect and proud as she flashed a smile at the warrior who was sitting on a stool, polishing a blade.

“You’re in a good mood,” Kira noted.

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Another spanking for a willful princess…

Alone with Nive, Ayla once more dropped the charm which held the curly haired brat in stony thrall. Nive virtually exploded with rage, her violet eyes blazing furiously as she stood, hands clenched into fists, face taut with an expression which mirrored that of her far-off father.

“You,” she said, drawing a hissed breath between her teeth. “Do not know who you are dealing with.”

“Neither do you,” Ayla replied quite calmly. She smiled patiently, seeming to enjoy the conflict. “You do not know how many times I have been through this very process, taming wild young women. Waifs and strays with attitude to burn…”


Daddy Is Angry…

You’ve been waiting ever so patiently for the next installment of Lesbia, so I hope you enjoy it. Today, we discover why Nive is so very confident about her chances of rescue 😀

While Nive stood frozen under the witch’s spell, a very long way away, a cane was landing across the leather-clad posterior of a male guardsman around twenty or so years of age. It bit against the hard rounds of his rear with a loud crack which made every man in the arena wince. As the pain of the infernal instrument spread through his flesh, the guardsman squeezed his eyes shut and hissed a sharp breath through his teeth. It was likely of little comfort to him in that moment, but he was not alone in his torment. Indeed, he was one of nine young men lined up against a leather horse, taking punishment from a singular man who wielded a long black cane with real vigor against one backside, then another.


A Well Overdue Punishment…

“You’d better do as she says,” Hope sighed. “Or one of us will end up sore.”

“I don’t fear soreness,” Nive said boldly. I am not afraid of…”

What she was not afraid of remained a secret, for Ayla, tiring of the discussion had taken a firm hold of Nive, and used that firm hold to toss Nive over the bed face down. Her long witchly palm met Nive’s rear in a solid slap which made Nive’s ample bottom jiggle in a very appealing fashion, her skirt riding up as she squirmed, exposing bare flesh with every kick and wriggle.

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