A New Lesbia Book, And New Lesbia Updates

Hello my lovely readers! You may have noticed some re-shuffling going around today. That’s because I’m now at the point where I’m almost ready to release the second Lesbia book, now titled Virgin City to ebook. That means most of Clitera City Trials is no longer available online, but for four bucks you’ll be able to pick up the whole Clitera City series to keep, plus some bonus content (of the kind that was too hot for the online series,) so it should be worth your time, and your four dollars to do that.

In the meantime, the series is continuing in a new book with the working title, Warrior’s Return, picking up where the last story left off. Hope that’s not too confusing for anyone!


For the third time that evening, unexpected footsteps were heard on the staircase. To Rog, Crispin, Kira and Callista’s surprise, Reed and Ayla came down the stairs together. Nobody had noticed Ayla leave any more than they’d noticed Reed’s earlier disappearance. It was as if there were some kind of portal between the Rusty Hankor’s bar and the bedrooms upstairs, with the way people disappeared in one place and seemed to appear in the other.

“What have you been doing?” Rog made the inquiry, noting a particularly peculiar flush to Reed’s cheeks.

“I was up there being intimate, with Ayla,” Reed told Rog, lifting her chin. “Shall I tell you all about it? Shall I move in with her? Maybe she’ll pay me a retainer too.”

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